Shared research assistant scheme

The Psychology Research Committee funds a scheme for employing a small number of our own undergraduate students as shared research assistants during term time and the summer vacation on a casual, hourly-paid basis. Final-year students serve as shared RAs in Semester 1, second-year students in Semester 2, and in each case the posts are offered students with the best record of academic performance among those who apply.

Academic staff members are free to apply at any time for research assistance through this scheme. One-page applications should  be submitted to the Director of Research via email, set out under the following headings:

  • Applicant’s name
  • Brief description/explanation of bid, including what will be required of the RA
  • Number of hours of research assistance requested
  • Expected outcome or product of research

Preference is given to applications that are likely to yield products or outcomes such as grant applications or significant publications. Successful applicants are required to submit a one-page report, within six months of any award, indicating the outcome/product or progress of the research.

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