Research seed-corn grants

In most areas of psychology, it is difficult to carry out sustained, high-quality research without external funding. One of the problems is that, in order to submit a credible application for funding with a reasonable chance of success, it is usually necessary to have done some preliminary research in the relevant area, and that in itself is difficult without funding, so it’s difficult to get started.  With these problems in mind, the Psychology Research Committee administers a small Seed-Corn Research Fund.

The purpose of Seed corn funding is to enhance the research profile of the School, in terms of grant funding and quality outputs.  This is achieved by:

  • Supporting initial experiments which will provide preliminary data to support an application for external research grant funding

  • Supporting additional experiments required to complete a body of work ready for publication, for example, in response to referee’s comments.


Procedure for application and allocation for Seed-corn and Exceptional Travel Funding

  • Applications should be made as a Word document (maximum 1 page), giving justification for support, expected outcome and a breakdown of the funding requested.  This should be sent via e-mail to the Chair of PRC.
  • The maximum amount normally granted for each Seed-corn application is £300.  Staff may make as many applications as they wish, but when assessing an application, account will be taken of the status and success of previous applications from the individual.
  • Funding is not intended to replace external funding, but rather to improve the chances of gaining external funding.  Therefore in assessing applications, members of PRC will look at how the requested funding relates to proposed external funding applications
  • Applications can be made at any time, and are dealt with on an ad hoc basis on submission.
  • Applications are assessed by the PRC for consideration of their merit and ‘added value’.
  • On the basis of feedback from members of PRC, the Chair will either
      • Accept the application, and approve the allocation of the funds
      • Decline the application, and give feed back to the applicant as to the reasons
      • Refer the application back to the applicant for revision.
  • Seed-corn funding will normally be paid into the member of staff’s MIF account by Peter Benson

A brief (no more than one page) report is required 6 months after the allocation of the funds.  Failure to submit a report within the required period may jeopardise the individual’s chances of gaining future funding from PRC.  The report should include a summary of grant applications and/or papers which derive from the funding.

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