BA Politics - 3rd Year


I have found the lectures for politics really engaging. The teaching is of a really high standard at Leicester and it's really refreshing to get a wide range of different lecturers. Some have personal experiences and others have doctorates in their specific topics. All in all, it helps them to put their point of view across and allows for the students to understand more easily. The course has only got better with age! As the course has progressed over the years it has exceeded expectations and really has kept me interested which I thought wouldn’t be a given.

I would describe the University of Leicester as a great location with a buzzing student atmosphere with amazing resources available to all students. There are so many different courses available with opportunities to study abroad and do years out in industry. The campus is full of old and new, especially now that we have Leicester’s O2 Academy in our newly rebuilt Students' Union. Our Library is also fantastic, making learning a more comfortable and stress free experience. It’s nice to learn on a campus which has had a lot of investment put into it as it confirms the University’s commitment to give students a better quality of education. The best thing about the campus is definitely the new Students' Union. Great nightclub, restaurant and we even have a Starbucks!

Leicester is a great city to live in a lot of money has been put into the city in recent years and you can really tell. The shopping is brilliant with the newly built Highcross Centre and the culture is amazing, with the Diwali festival every year, local Indian people are so welcoming to the university students making sure everyone gets a taste of their culture. 

I would describe my time at the University of Leicester as fun-filled experience that has flown by but I feel the University has prepared me for a life full of different adventures. I would definitely recommend the University to everyone ands would advise any new student to make the most of your time at Leicester.


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