Past Research Seminars

Past Research Seminars: 2011-2015

For older Research Seminars: 2003-11

Research Seminars 2014-15

  • 'Securing the Asian Century: Can China, India and Japan Maintain Peace in the World's Most Important Region?' - panel event with Dr Shashank Joshi (RUSI), Prof Chris Hughes (Warwick University), and Dr Oliver Turner (University of Manchester), 22nd October 2014
  • Dr Sam Oykere (University of Nottingham), 29th October 2014
    Re-Examining Evidence: The Worst Forms of Child Labour
  • Dr John Bartle (University of Essex), 12th November 2014
    The Policy Mood in Great Britain and Spain
  • Dr Elin Bjarnegard (Uppsala University), 19th November 2014
    Gender Equality Reforms on an Uneven Playing Field: Comparing Gender Quota Implementation across Political Parties in Tanzania
  • Sir Brian Barder (Honorary Visiting Fellow in the Department of Politics and International Relations), 20th November 2014
    What do Diplomats do?
  • Dr Adrian Gallagher (University of Leeds), 26th November 2014
    Managing Responsibility to Protect Expecations
  • Workshop on 'Wollstonecraft and Domination', with Dr Alan Coffee (Kings College London), Dr Ros Hague (Nottingham Trent), Dr Laura Brace (University of Leicester), and Ms Ashley Dodsworth (University of Leicester), 3rd December 2014
  • Dr John Filling (University College London), 11th February 2015
    Domination as AntiFreedom
  • Prof Jonathan Tonge (University of Liverpool), 18th February 2015
    The Moral Majority? The Democratic Unionist Party and Government in Northern Ireland
  • Prof Sarah Childs (University of Bristol), 11th March 2015
    Feminising Political Parties
  • Will Jessett (Ministry of Defence), 18th March 2015
    Strategic Planning at the Ministry of Defence
  • Dr Veronique Pin Fat (University of Manchester), 25th March 2015
    Posthuman Cosmopolitan
  • Dr Katherine Brown (Kings College London), 13th May 2015
    More than a Counter-Narrative: Women and the Islamic State
  • Dr Jennifer Hudson (UCL), 20th May 2015
    The Parliamentary Candidates UK Project

Research Seminars 2013-14

  • Prof Jane Green (Manchester University), 18th June 2014
    Explaining the Costs of Governing: How the public evaluates government performance, and why this matters
  • Dr Hilde Coffee (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand), 11th June 2014
    Gender and representation in parliamentary committees in Germany
  • Dr Nigel Pleasants (Exeter University),21 May 2014
    What would it take for the Holocaust to be a unique historical event?
  • Dr Martin Smith (The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst), 14th May 2014
    How NATO Survived George Bush
  • Dr Sam Raphael (co-founder of The Rendition Project), 19th March 2014
    The Rendition Project
  • Dr Elias Dinas (University of Oxford), 12th March 2014
    The Ideological Shadow of Authoritarianism
  • Prof Andrew Dobson (University of Keele), 12th February 2014
    Listening and Democracy
  • Prof Paul Rogers (University of Bradford), 5th February 2014
    Security by Remote Control
  • Dr Sofia Vasilopoulou (University of York), 29th January 2014
    Does crisis produce right-wing extremism? Nationalism, Cultural Opportunities and Varieties of support
  • Dr Carolyn Pedwell (University of Newcastle), 4th December 2013
    Affective Relations: the Transnational Politics of Empathy
  • Prof Paul Jackson (University of Birmingham), 27th November 2013
    Of Maoists and Men: reflections of an academic in the middle of a peace process
  • Dr Tom Quinn (University of Essex), 20th November 2013
    Two party system in the UK and New Zealand
  • Dr Matt Sleat (University of Sheffield), 30th October 2013
    Liberalism, Realism and Non-Ideal Theory: Or, Are there two ways to do 'Realistic' Political Theory?
  • Prof Carol Jones (University of Wolverhampton), 23rd October 2013
    Law and intelligence in the Cold War: detention without trial in Hong Kong 1949-1971
  • Dr Ben Clements (University of Leicester), 16th October 2013
    Religion and public opposition to same-sex marriage in Britain

Seminars 2012-13

  • Pontus Odmalm (University of Edinburgh), 8th May 2013
    Getting the balance right: conflicting ideological ‘pulls’ and party competition on immigration in Britain and Sweden
  • Lois McNay (University of Oxford ), 8th May 2013
    Social Weightlessness in Political Theory
  • Patrick Diamond/Roger Liddle (Policy Network), 27th March 2013
    New Labour Domestic and Foreign Policy
  • Tim Bale (Queen Mary, University of London) & Stuart Ball (University of Leicester), 20th March 2013
    The Conservative Party
  • Andrew Schaap (Exeter University), 13th March 2013
    The Constitutional Politics of the Aboriginal Embassy
  • Nick Ritchie (York University),12th February 2013
    UK, Trident and Nuclear Disarmament
  • Elisabeth Carter (Keele University), 6th February 2013
    Extremism and radicalism: The War of the Worlds revisited
  • Political Theory and Animal Rights Roundtable discussing Will Kymlicka and Sue Donaldsons book Zoopolis, 30th January 2013
  • Jon Moran (University of Leicester), 5th December 2012
    ‘‘Murder’ and British Military Intelligence – the death of Baha Mousa in Iraq’
  • John Hadley (University of Western Sydney) and Alasdair Cochrane (University of Sheffield), 28th November
    Animal Rights without Liberation
  • Nick Allen (Royal Holloway), 21st November 2012
    Policy and Process Preferences in an era of Anti-Politics
  • Oz Hassan (Warwick University), 31st October 2012
    Americas Freedom Agenda and the Arab Spring
  • Lauren McLaren (Nottingham University), 24th October 2012
    National Identity and Perceptions of Political Systems in Europe
  • Phil Parvin (Loughborough University), 17th October 2012
    Should democrats be egalitarians?

Summer 2012

  • Irene Palacios Brihuega (University of Leicester)
    ‘Democracies without outcomes? Measuring and analysing the quality of democracy in Europe’
  • Dr. Laura Morales (University of Leicester)
    Does the citizenship regime matter? The participation of immigrants and their children in local and national elections in Europe
  • Verena Wisthaler (University of Leicester)
    Immigration and identity politics: the perspective of ethnic minorities
  • Wing Commander Anthony Robinson F.C.M.I., OP, RAF (retd)
    NATO and international relations
    Jean Monnet Seminar
  • Dr. Nathaniel Copsey (Aston University)
    Assessing Poland’s Power and Influence in the EU: The case of the eastern partnership
  • Dr. Matthew Goodwin  (University of Nottingham)
    Forever a False Dawn? The Collapse of the British National Party, and Implications for the Right-Wing Fringe

Spring 2012

  • Jean Monnet Seminar
    Dr. Ann Kennard (Visiting Research Fellow: University of the West of England)
  • Does the ENP have a role in preserving border region cultures in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood?
  • Jean Monnet Seminar
    Dr. Anastasia Mitrofanova (Centre for Euroatlantic Studies of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia) The Eastern Initiatives of the EU: A Russian Perspective
  • Professor Bob Brecher (Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics & Ethics: University of Brighton) Torture
  • Dr. Jean-Michel Lafleur (FNRS Postdoctoral Researcher and Adjunct Faculty at the Centre for Ethnic and Migration and Studies (CEDEM) of the University of Liège University of Liège) Diasporas and Elections: Emigrants' external voting rights and their impact on host and home societies
  • Dr. Oliver Daddow (University of Leicester) Tony Blair, David Cameron and Liberal Interventionism in British Foreign Policy
  • Dr. Simona Guerra (Loughborough University) Keep the faith: Euroscepticism and religious organisations in Brussels

Autumn 2011

  • Jean Monnet seminar
    Ileana Racheru (University of Bucharest) Europeanisation in Moldova
  • Stephen Hopkins (University of Leicester) The Politics of Life-Writing in Post-conflict Northern Ireland
  • Alan Doig (Visiting Professor, Centre for Public Services Management, Liverpool Business School) State Crime and the Dark Side of Liberal Democracy’
  • Professor Mark Bevir (University of California) Democratic Governance: A Genealogy
  • Dr. Adam Quinn (University of Birmingham) Debating decline: how to understand the waning of American power

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