Narratives of Victimhood in post-conflict Northern Ireland

Friday 9 December 2011, University of Leicester

Stephen Hopkins

A critical aspect of contemporary political life in Northern Ireland concerns the competing struggles to interpret the 30-year conflict, its genesis, its prosecution and its outcome – if, indeed, it is definitely over. This seminar will analyse the ongoing debates regarding victims’ rights, service provision and the role of victims and survivors in the formation of the historical memory of the conflict. These questions intersect with the broader issue of the suitability and practicality of a ‘truth and reconciliation’ process, and the seminar will examine this complex intersection in detail. While there is still no public consensus in Northern Ireland about the essential causes of conflict, it is not too surprising that the role of victims’ narratives as a broader dimension of the debate about 'truth', remains a matter of bitter dispute. In addition, there will be some analysis and discussion of the comparative dimension to these questions, with particular reference to the Basque region.

Speakers: Prof. Henry Patterson (University of Ulster); Jo Dover (Foundation for Peace, Warrington); Dr Graham Dawson (University of Brighton); Dr Cillian McGrattan (University of West of Scotland); Dr Rogelio Alonso (King Juan Carlos University, Madrid; to be confirmed)"

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