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Current externally-funded research projects in the Department.

The Oxford Group and the Emergence of Animal Right: An intellectual History

Professor Robert Garner (PI) and Ms Yewande Okuleye (Research Associate)

The Oxford Group and the emergence of Animal Rights: An intellectual History is a two-year (2017-2019) Leverhulme Trust funded project. This research seeks to generate new insights into how intellectual and social movements emerge by providing a comprehensive account of the Oxford Group, which consisted mainly of postgraduate philosophy students, who converged on Oxford University from the late 1960s and played a prominent role in the emergence of animal rights as a prominent discourse.

The objective of the project is to provide a comprehensive account of the Oxford Group and its role in the emergence of contemporary animal rights. Oral history and life history interviews will be conducted with key members of the Oxford Group. Audio recordings of interviews and transcripts (subject to permissions) will be deposited with the British Library National Life Stories unit. These interviews will be of interest to intellectual historians, sociologists, animal ethicists.

Interviews will be triangulated with relevant secondary sources with a view to write a nuanced exposition on the trajectories of the intellectual history of the Oxford Group, which will be published as a research monograph. A project website, Soundcloud and Twitter will be used to publish emergent themes and project updates.

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PATHWAYSPathways project logo

Dr Laura Morales (PI), Dr Simona Guerra, Dr Gabriella Lazaridis, Dr Luis Ramiro and Prof Carlo Ruzza

PATHWAYS is a comparative research project on the political representation of citizens of immigrant origin (CIO) in seven European democracies: France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

PATHWAYS is seeking to advance knowledge in two areas: (a) the descriptive representation of CIO in the legislative assemblies of these seven European countries at the national and regional levels (where meaningful regional assemblies exist); and (b), for the first time, the parliamentary activities of representatives of immigrant origin (substantive representation).

The Project is funded for three years (2014-2017) by the British ESRC, the Dutch NWO, the French ANR and the German DFG under the Open Research Area (ORA) scheme.

The University of Leicester is the lead partner for the British team, which also includes researchers at the University of Manchester.

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Cyber Warfare and Nuclear Strategy: Changing the Utility of Nuclear Weapons in Global Security

Dr Andrew Futter

This grant was awarded to Dr Futter to look at how new developments in cyber weaponry are challenging and reconstituting our thinking about the value and role of nuclear weapons in contemporary international security. This project is funded for three years (2013-2016) by the ESRC.

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ResponsiveGov logoRESPONSIVEGOV

Dr Laura Morales

This project is funded by a European Research Council Starting Grant. The grant was awarded to Dr Morales to conduct a comparative study examining how governments in established EU democracies respond to different expressions of the public opinion. This is a large scale project with funding for 5 years (2012-2016).

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