The meeting starts at 10:00 and finishes at 18:00.
10:00 Coffee & Welcome

Session 1

Chair: Chris Done

Estelle Pons

Leicester Looking for True Seyfert 2s
10:45 Gabriele Matzeu Keele Broad-band Short Term X-ray Spectral Variability of the Quasar PDS 456 Observed in a Low Flux State
11:00 Poemwai Chainakun Bristol Relativistic Spectral-Timing Modelling of X-ray Reverberation in AGN
11:15 Sam Connolly Southampton Testing Accretion Disc Theory in AGN - X-ray/Optical Interband Lags in NGC 4395
11:30 Emma Gardner Durham The Accretion Geometry of NGC 5548
11:45 Ryan Duffy Bristol Buoyancy-Driven inflow: a Gas Belt in the Radio Galaxy 3C 386
12:00 Judith Ineson Southampton Assessing the Impact of Radio Galaxies in Groups and Clusters
12:15 LUNCH

13:30 Session 2 Chair: Simon Vaughan
13:30 Emmanuel Bernhard Sheffield The Importance of Relative Power: Do AGN Have More Impact on Low-Mass Galaxies?
13:45 Myrto Symeonidis MSSL/UCL X-rays From Star-Formation at z~1
14:00 Andy Pollock Sheffield Rewards from Long-Term Investments in O Stars and Wolf-Rayet Stars
14:15 Alex Eckersall Leicester Radiative Efficiency of Low Mass Black Hole Binaries
14:30 Michael Parker Cambridge Measuring the Inner Disc of X-ray Binaries with NuSTAR
14:45 Aarran Shaw Southampton A Low Luminosity State in Swift J1753.5-0127
15:00 Chris Boon Southampton Spectral Variation in the SFXT SAX J1818.6-1703 Observed by XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL
15:15 Ian Whittaker Leicester MHD modelling of solar wind charge exchange using XMM-Newton
15:30 COFFEE
Session 3

Chair: Andy Pollock
16:00 Hannah Earnshaw Durham An Intermediate-Mass Black Hole in M51?
16:15 Ciro Pinto Cambridge Resolved Atomic Lines Revealing Outflows in Ultraluminous X-ray Sources
16:30 Massimiliano De Pasquale MSSL/UCL GRB 130831: Rise and Fall of a Magnetar at z=0.5
16:45 Gordon Stewart Leicester Update on the Astrosat Mission
17:00 Phil Evans Leicester Multimessenger Astronomy with Swift, in the era of PeV neutrinos and advanced Gravitational Wave detectors
17:15 Rene Goosmann (Silvia Zane) Strasbourg (MSSL/UCL) XIPE, the X-ray Polarimetry Explorer
17:30 Mike Watson Leicester Update on the Athena Mission
18:00 CLOSE

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