The meeting starts at 10:00 and finishes at 18:00. Posters will be on display throughout the day towards the back of the meeting room.
Name InstitutionTitle
James Aird Cambridge The NuSTAR extragalactic surveys programme: number counts of AGN, the
resolved fraction of the cosmic X-ray background, and the 10-40keV X-ray
luminosity function
Jamie Court Southampton Black Hole Acrobatics; the Frontflips and Somersaults of IGR J17091-3624
Aidan Glennie Oxford X-ray Transients in the Chandra Data Archive

Denis Gonzalez-Caniulef


Polarized Thermal Emission From X-ray Dim Isolated Neutron Stars: the Case of RX J1856.5-3754

James Matthews Southampton Modelling The Spectra of Quasars: X-ray Properties and Unification

Beatriz Mingo


Radio-Loud AGN Through the Eyes of 3XMM, WISE and FIRST/NVSS

Ellis Owen


Heating of Ionization Bubbles by High-Energy Particles from Accreting X-ray sources

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