AstroGrid is an STFC funded, open source project designed to create a working Virtual Observatory (VO) for UK and International astronomers. Working closely with other VO projects worldwide through the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA:, internationally recognised interface standards are emerging which promote true scientifc interoperability of astronomical data and processing resources worldwide. AstroGrid is a leading member of this community and members of the department play an integral role as both astronomers and developers in this and European Virtual Observatory projects.

AstroGrid provides astronomers with a simple set of tools which enable access to a wide range of astrophysical data, and applications which can be used to manipulate those data.

In April 2008 the AstroGrid VO Desktop was publically released, serving as the main user interface for an astronomer to the Virtual Observatory. Based on simple java tools which run on any platform, it provides a suite of desktop applications to enable astronomers to explore and bookmark resources from around the world, find data, store and share files in VOSpace, query databases, plot and manipulate tables, cross-match catalogues, and build and run python scripts to automate sequences of tasks. Tools from other Euro-VO projects inter-operate with AstroGrid software, so you can also view and analyse images and spectra located in the VO. Most commonly used are TopCat for tables, Aladin for images and SPLAT for spectra.

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