2012/13 Seminars

The seminars are informal talks, from colleagues, collaborators or invited researchers from around the UK and the rest of the world. Each talk typically lasts 1 hour. If the talk sounds interesting please come along.

Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 4.15pm, in Lecture Theatre A in the Department of Physics and Astronomy (unless otherwise stated).

Seminars organised by Stefan Ohm and Richard Alexander.



Autumn Term (2012)                                              

Oct 3
The Jeans Mass in Fragmenting Self-Gravitating Protostellar Discs

Duncan Forgan (IfA, Edinburgh)

Oct 10

3D model atmospheres of white dwarfs

Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay (LSW, Heidelberg)
Oct 17

The Dark Energy Survey Supernova Survey

Bob Nichol (ICG, Portsmouth)
Oct 24

Soaring Through the Galaxy at 1/2000 Times the Speed of Light

Robin Shelton (University of Georgia)
Oct 31

Probing the physics of galaxy formation with the Square Kilometre Array and its Pathfinders

Chris Power (University of Western Australia)
Nov 7
Quantifying Dark Energy using Cosmic Lensing

Sarah Bridle (UCL)

Nov 14

Supermassive Black Holes in Nearby Galaxies

Ralf Bender (LMU, Munich)
Nov 21

X-raying the winds of massive stars

Lidia Oskinova (University of Potsdam)
Nov 28
Radiation hydrodynamical modelling of massive star formation Tim Harries (Exeter)
Dec 5

Über-massive black holes

Remco van den Bosch (MPIA, Heidelberg)
Dec 12

Cosmic-ray acceleration by Supernova Remnants

Jacco Vink (University of Amsterdam)



Spring Term (2013)                                              

Jan 9

The VISTA public surveys

Will Sutherland (Queen Mary, London)

Jan 16

Reionisation via the Lyman-alpha line

Jamie Bolton (Nottingham)
Jan 23

The Relativistic Transient Sky in Gravitational Waves

Patrick Sutton (Cardiff)
Jan 30

The SOAPS project: Exoplanets’ evolution histories in systems with different architectures

Francesca Faedi (Warwick)
Feb 6

Detecting gravitational waves using a pulsar timing array

Gemma Janssen (Manchester)
Feb 13
White dwarfs as tracers of single, binary and planetary evolution

Boris Gänsicke (Warwick)

Feb 20


Alan Heavens (Imperial)
Feb 27

Supernova remnants colliding with molecular clouds: From high- to low-energy interactions

Thierry Montmerle (Paris)
Mar 6

The first generations of stars and galaxies: Science at the Crossroad of Theory and Observations

Michele Trenti (Cambridge)
Mar 13

Quasar and star formation feedback throughout the cosmic epochs

Roberto Maiolino (Cambridge)
Mar 20

A Planetesimal Pas de Deux or Clash of the Titans: A Model for Collisions in Planet Formation

Zoe Leinhardt (Bristol)
Mar 22

High Energy Activity of Young Stars during the Mass Accretion Outburst

Kenji Hamaguchi (NASA/GSFC)

Summer Term (2013)

May 1

Large Hadron Collider: Latest news from the energy frontier

Jonathan Butterworth (UCL)
May 8

X-raying Galaxy Ecosystem

Daniel Wang (UMass Amherst, Cambridge)
May 15

The formation of low- and intermediate-mass stars

Anthony Whitworth (Cardiff)
May 22

Following the Energy - an investigation of galaxy evolution using the Herschel surveys, the Herschel ATLAS and HERMES

Steve Eales (Cardiff)
June 5,

Planck 2013: cosmology and clusters

Andrew Liddle (Edinburgh)
June 12

NuSTAR and the cosmic X-ray background

Dave Alexander (Durham)
June 19

Accretion Disk Winds and Feedback from Active Galactic Nuclei

James Reeves (Keele)


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