2010/11 Seminars



Summer 2011

May 4
Galaxy evolution at redshifts 6 < z < 9 Ross McLure
(Royal Observatory, Edinburgh)
June 1
Dynamics of planets and planetesimals in turbulent discs Richard Nelson
(Queen Mary, University of London)
June 8
Minimally Parametric Power Spectrum Constraints From Lyman-Alpha Simeon Bird
(Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge)
June 15
The Magellanic Stream: A Case Study of Galactic Accretion Andrew Fox
(ESO, Chile & IoA, Cambridge)

Spring 2011

Jan 12
Galaxies under the cosmic microscope Mark Swinbank
(University of Durham)
Jan 26
The life cycle of star clusters in a tidal field Mark Gieles
(Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge)
Feb 2
Migration of rocks, cores and hurricanes during planet formation Sijme-Jan Paardekooper
(DAMTP, Cambridge)
Feb 9

Feb 16
Portraits of exoplanets on a red background Suzanne Aigrain
(University of Oxford)
Feb 23
Exploring the local Universe with massive stars Ben Davies
(Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge)
Mar 2
The large and small Sagittarius streams Vasily Belokurov
(Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge)
Mar 9
David vs. Goliath: exploiting the black hole mass scale to constrain jet physics Sera Markoff
(University of Amsterdam)
Mar 16
Answering cosmological questions with galaxy surveys Will Percival
(ICG, Portsmouth)
Mar 23

Mar 30
Accretion disc evolution: connecting theory to observations Phil Armitage
(University of Colorado)

Autumn 2010

Sep 6
The Cosmic Origins Spectrograph on HST: in-orbit performance and early results on the IGM baryon census John Stocke
(University of Colorado)
Sep 15
The skeleton: connecting galaxy formation to large scale structures
Christophe Pichon
(IAP Paris / Leverhulme Visiting Professor, Oxford)
Sep 20
Searching the WISE Sky Andrew Blain
(University of Leicester)
Sep 29
A universal stellar initial mass function? A critical look at variations
Nate Bastian
(University of Exeter)
Oct 6
The Origin of High Magnetic Fields in White
Chris Tout
(Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge)
Oct 14 (Thursday)
Accretion Disks around Very Low Mass Stars & Brown Dwarfs: Theory, Observations & Implications for Planet Formation Subhanjoy Mohanty
(Imperial College)
Oct 20

Oct 27
Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Fermi Era
Jonathan Granot
(University of Hertfordshire)
Nov 3
On the upper stellar mass limit
Paul Crowther
(University of Sheffield)
Nov 10
Seeing the skies with PANDAS eyes: Galactic archaeology in our own backyard
Geraint Lewis
(University of Sydney)
Nov 17
Collisional and dynamical evolution in the debris discs of nearby stars
Mark Wyatt
(Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge)
Nov 24
A tour of the Galaxy Zoo
Steven Bamford
(University of Nottingham)
Dec 1
Galaxy evolution at redshifts 6 < z < 9
Ross McLure
(Royal Observatory, Edinburgh)
Dec 8
The optical polarization of Gamma Ray Bursts
Iain Steele
(Liverpool John Moores University)
Dec 15
Charting the Dark Universe with CFHTLenS
Catherine Heymans
(Royal Observatory, Edinburgh)


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