Seminars 2018-2019

The seminars are informal talks, from colleagues, collaborators or invited researchers from around the UK and the rest of the world. Each talk typically lasts 1 hour including questions. If the talk sounds interesting please come along.

Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 3.00pm, in Lecture Theatre A of the Department of Physics and Astronomy (unless otherwise stated).

Seminars are organised by Andrew Blain, Giovanni Dipierro and Rebecca Nealon.


Autumn Term (2018)              

Sep 26

Quasars: From the deepest inner accretion disk to the Outer Limits

Nic Ross (Edinburgh)

Rita Tojeiro (St Andrews)

Oct 10

Inferring the progenitor mass of explosive transients through their environment

Patricia Schady (Bath)
Oct 24 Testing stellar and binary evolution models with post common-envelope binaries Steve Parsons (Sheffield)
Oct 31 No Seminar - Staff Meeting
Nov 7

Galaxy transformation in the distant Universe

Omar Almaini (Nottingham)
Nov 14
Exonephology: simulating the atmospheres of cloudy hot-Jupiters
Stefan Lines (Exeter)
Nov 21 Life, Death and Rebirth: cold gas as a dynamical probe of galaxy evolution Tim Davis (Cardiff)
Nov 28

Characterising Massive Circumstellar Discs

John Ilee (Leeds)

Dec 5

The first quasars in the early universe Chris Done (Durham)
Dec 12

Kathy Romer (Sussex)

Spring Term (2019)               

Jan 9 Probing the surfaces of Sun-like stars using and 3D magnetohydrodynamical simulations and transiting planets Heather Cegla (Geneva)
Jan 16
Connecting the initial conditions of star formation to their Galactic origins
Sarah Ragan (Cardiff)
Jan 23


Paul Nandra (MPE)
Jan 30 How does the group environment quench star formation in galaxies? Jacob Crossett (Birmingham)
Feb 6 No Seminar - Staff Meeting
Feb 13
Developing a Standard Model for the Rotation and Magnetic Activity of Sun-Like Stars
Sean Matt (Exeter)
Feb 20 Illuminating the Growth of Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes Brooke Simmons (Lancaster)
Feb 27
Jonathan Pritchard (Imperial)
Mar 6 CANCELLED - Owing to speaker's new commitments as Science Adviser to the Foreign Office. Carole Mundell (Bath)
Mar 13
Farzana Meru (Warwick)
Mar 20
The future of very high energy gamma-ray astronomy
Jim Hinton (Heidelberg)
Mar 27 Mariangela Bonavita (Edinburgh)
Summer Term (2019)
May 1 Meghan Gray (Nottingham)
May 8 Cornelis (Kees) Dullemond (Heidelberg)
May 15 Aprajita Verma (Oxford)
May 22 Allona Vazan (Amsterdam)
May 29 Stephen Serjeant (Open University)
Jun 5 Soto Matsumura (Dundee)

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