Seminars 2017-2018

The seminars are informal talks, from colleagues, collaborators or invited researchers from around the UK and the rest of the world. Each talk typically lasts 1 hour including questions. If the talk sounds interesting please come along.

Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 3.00pm, in Lecture Theatre A of the Department of Physics and Astronomy (unless otherwise stated).

Seminars are organised by Andrew Blain, Giovanni Dipierro and Cassandra Hall.


Autumn Term (2017)              

Sep 20

Disruption Events from Supermassive Black Hole Binaries

Eric Coughlin  (UC Berkeley)
Sep 27 If Black Holes are Simple, why are Quasars so Complicated?

Martin Elvis (CfA Harvard)

Oct 4 Challenges in simulating the vacuum phototriode;  a photodetector used in CMS at the Large Hadron Collider Peter Hobson (Brunel)
Oct 11 CANCELLED John Illee (Cambridge)
Oct 18 The implications of non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics on star formation James Wurster (Exeter)
Oct 25 Cosmological scalar fields Clare Burrage (Nottingham)
Nov 1 No Seminar - Staff Meeting
Nov 8

Host-Galaxy Environments of the Universe's Most Extreme Explosions Across Cosmic History

Dan Perley (LJMU)
Nov 15
Hot subdwarfs and white dwarf mergers
Philip Hall (Armagh)
Nov 22 Focused X-ray Spectroscopy at Diamond and Chemical Imaging of Active Catalytic systems. Fred Moselmans (Diamond)
Nov 29

Exploiting the L Dwarf/T Dwarf Transition: Brown Dwarf Formation, Atmospheric Physics & the Star Formation History of the Galaxy

Adam Burgasser (UC Berkeley, visting Exeter)

Dec 6

The Origins of Habitable Planetary Systems: Constraints from Disks and Exoplanets Ilaria Pasucci (U Arizona, visiting Heidelberg)
Dec 13 Tracking the distribution of black hole growth across the evolving galaxy population

James Aird (Leicester)

Spring Term (2018)               

Jan 10 Observational predictions of the presence of giant planets in the dust’s radio emission of protoplanetary discs Clement Baruteau (Toulouse)
Jan 17
Martin Bourne (Cambridge)
Jan 24 Unravelling the complex accretion geometry around black holes

Sera Markoff (API and GRAPPA, Amsterdam)
Jan 31 No Seminar - Staff Meeting
Feb 7 A submm view of `normal' distant star forming galaxies Kristen Coppin (Herts)
Feb 14
How do protoplanetary discs accrete

Roman Rafikov (Cambridge)
Feb 21 A Panchromatic View of High-Redshift Quasar Host Galaxies Manda Banerji (Cambridge)
Feb 28 The largest X-ray survey: Deriving photometric redshifts for the XMM-Newton 3XMM catalogue Ioannis Georgantopoulos (National Observatory of Athens)
Mar 7 Galaxy-scale stellar feedback in massive galaxies without AGN
Jim Geach (Herts)
Mar 14 RESCHEDULED TO 30TH MAY Justin Read (Surrey)
Mar 21
Building Galaxies with Supercomputers

Brad Gibson (Hull)
Mar 28 The surprising motions of planets in wind driven protoplanetary discs Colin McNally (QMUL)
Summer Term (2018)
May 2
Elme Breedt (Cambridge)
May 9
Inga Kamp (Groningen)
May 16
Ben Stappers (Manchester)
May 23
Leonardo Testi (ESO)
May 30
Justin Read (Surrey)
Jun 6
Ravit Helled (Zurich)
Jun 13 David Lumb (ex ESA)

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