Lunchtime Talks

Usual Venue: F10/F11

Usual Time: 1pm, every other Thursday


Each session will last 1 hour, with each speaker having 20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions. For questions, suggestions, or to volunteer as a speaker, please contact Jack Acton (

Tea and biscuits are provided, but please bring your own mug and lunch.






Spring Term 2020

16th January Hunting for Planets and Stellar/Substellar Companions to M-Dwarf Stars with the Next Generation Transit Survey Jack Acton
30th January

Modelling observational characteristics of early star formation

The SMILE Project

Alison Young

Steve Sembay

13th February Discussing the statistics in the relationship between AGN power and star formation Liam Grimmett
27th February Polarised radio sources in the XXL-South Field Rob Eyles
12th March

Studying Obscured Black Hole Growth in the Early Universe with the Keck Observatory

First ALMA detection of a disintegrating planet at 50 AU in TW Hydra

Manika Sidhu


Sergei Nayakshin

Autumn Term 2019

17th October

X-Ray Selected AGN in Dwarf Galaxies

Tidally Induced Warps of Galactic Disks

Keir Birchall

Marcin Semczuk

31st October

***Start Time 12:30***

The 2SXPS Catalogue


Star forming galaxies at high redshift: the feedback impact of energetic cosmic rays

Phil Evans


Ellis Owen (MSSL)

14th November

Environmental influences on Planet Formation

Andrew Winter

28th November

Putting binning in the bin - resolving the continuous relationship between SMBH and galaxy growth

The SMILE Project

Liam Grimmett

Steve Sembay

12th December

What can we learn about the ISM through analysing White Dwarf spectra?

Predictions for radio emission from GRB flares: could LOFAR detect them?

Nicolle Finch


Rhaana Starling


Spring Term 2019

24th January Weak Shock Propagation and Accretion in Failed Supernova

Eric Coughlin

7th February

Simulation of jet feedback in a realistic cluster environment and some other AGN related stuff

What is the role of black hole growth in galaxy evolution: The connection between AGNs and their host SFRs

Martin Bourne

Manu Bernhard

21st February

An unusual transient following GRB 071227

Satellite-disc interaction in gaseous environments

Rob Eyles

Enrico Ragusa

7th March

The rate of SGRBs (Short Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts) in the local universe

Hyper-Eddington explosion of Str A*

Soheb Mandhai

Sergei Nayakshin

21st March

Studying Spiral Structures in Elias 2-27

Cold Gas in Hot DOGs

Teresa Paneque

Jordan Penney


Autumn Term 2018

25th October


Giant Broad-lin Regions in Low-Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei

The dynamical modelling of Dwarf-Spheroidal Galaxies using Gaussian-process emulation

Nicholas Devereux

Amery Gration

8th November

The destruction of early giant planets through solid core formation

Jack Humphries

16th November

SMBH accretion in radio-selected AGN out to z~4

- *Special Talk* - Friday 12:00-12:30

Ivan Delveccchio (CEA Sarclay)
22nd November

The effect of supernova kicks on the remnant binary population

Molecular line emission from planet forming discs

John Bray (OU)

Alice Booth (Leeds)

6th December



Lizelke Klindt (Durham)

George Lansbury (Cambridge)


Summer Term 2018

10th May

Applications of hot accretion flow in AGN and X-ray binaries

Simulation of gaseous collapse onto a super-massive black hole

Fu-Guo Xie

Christian Faber
24th May


Using gravitational wave electromagnetic counterparts to probe the structure and dynamics of short GRB jets

Matthew Liska

Gavin Lamb

7th June

Measuring the gravitational redshift of Sirius B with the Hubble space telescope

Radio-WISE selected galaxies and their Environments

Simon Joyce

Jordan Penney

Spring Term 2018
25th January The Javalambre Photometric Local Universe Survey

Alessandro Ederoclite

8th February Protoplanetary discs in the ALMA era. Giovanni Dipierro
8th March

On modelling dusty protoplanetary discs

Guillame Laibe

22nd March



Min-Kai Lin


Autumn Term 2017
19th October

The worst-kept secret in astronomy---I

The worst-kept secret in astronomy---II

Phil Evans

Nial Tanvir

2nd November

SPH models of tidal disruption of stars around black holes

Pebble accretion onto wide-orbit gas giants

Elen Golightly

Jack Humphries

9th November The first planets from the Next-Generation Transit Survey Matt Burleigh
16th November

Code comparison project for planet migration

A multi-wavelength approach to analysing high energy transients

Mark Fletcher

Adam Higgins

30th November

Protoplanetary discs in the ALMA era

Misaligned accretion discs

Giovanni Dipierro

Rebecca Nealon

Summer Term 2016
12th May Emission and absorption studies of gas kinematics in GRB selected galaxies Maryam Arabsalmani
13th June White Dwarf Planetary Systems Amy Bonsor
Spring Term 2016
14th January

Are ULXs windows onto super-critical accretion?

Mapping the structure of AGN accretion disks with Swift and other time-domain observatories

Matt Middleton


Rick Edelson

3rd March Warning! Dusty winds: wear appropriate eye protection Mark Hutchison
15th March

Non-ideal hydrodynamics in protoplanetary disks

Lense-Thirring precession around black holes

Min-Kai Lin


Alessia Franchini

Autumn Term 2015
17th September Properties of dark energy and how to measure them Richard Griffiths
24th September Novel model for debris discs - planet correlations Mark Fletcher
5th November

Formation of discs around SMBH binaries from infalling clouds

The HEROES project: investigating the relation between the gas, dust, stars and total mass in nearby edge-on spiral galaxies

Felipe Goicovic


Flor Allaert

19th November MESA & GYRE: Stellar Astrophysics for the People Richard Townsend
3rd December

The James Webb Telescope (JWST) - a successor to Hubble

John Pye

10th December Rebecca Nealon (MoCA) - Applications of the Lense-Thirring precession in black hole accretion discs Rebecca Nealon
Summer Term 2015
28th May The 10 Year Swift GRB Components Catalogue Alex Amaral-Rogers
4th June

Circumbinary planets in the Kepler data: their abundance, orbits and formation

David Armstrong


2nd July

Radiative efficiency of transient black hole X-ray binaries

Looking at charge exchange in the Earth's magnetosheath using XMM-Newton

Alex Eckersall

Ian Whittaker

Spring Term 2015
22nd January

A lymphoscintigraphic imaging study for quantitative evaluation of a small field of view gamma camera

New population synthesis model for exoplanets

Mohammed Alqahtani

Sergei Nayakshin

12th March Tracing the first metals via GRB-DLAs Antonino Cucchiara
Autumn Term 2014
9th October The Galactic Ridge X-ray Emission Revisited Bob Warwick
6th November The SKA - status and forthcoming descoping discussion Andrew Blain
20th November How well can we measure the masses of galaxy clusters using galaxies as tracers? Lyndsay Old
27th November Magnetars in short and extended emission gamma-ray bursts Ben Gompertz
Summer Term 2014
15th May Detailed radio observations and broadband modelling of the extremely bright GRB 130427A Alexander van der Horst
29th May Structure Detection in Cosmological Simulations Stuart Muldrew
12th June


Estelle Pons

19th June

White dwarfs - destroyers of worlds!

Sub-millimetre observations of WISE-selected high-redshift, luminous dusty galaxies

Multiscale Emission from Perseus and Virgo: a look Through the Gamma-ray and Radio Windows

Martin Barstow

Suzy Jones


Kate Dutson

10th July

Irradiated Brown Dwarfs

Sarah Casewell

Spring Term 2014
30th January

Sag A* activity shapes the Central Molecular Zone

Kastytis Zubovas
13th February Understanding the TeV variability of the gamma-ray binary PSR B1259-63

Victor Zabalza

13th March

The radio-loud AGN zoo through the eyes of 3XMM, WISE and FIRST/NVSS

The story of one Seyfert: from intriguingly ultrasoft to unremarkably average

Beatriz Mingo


Rhaana Starling

27th March A fast multiple method for stellar dynamics
Walter Dehnen

Autumn Term 2013
7th November

Two-Phase model for AGN feedback
Sergei Nayakshin

21st November

Very obscured IR spectral energy distributions of active galaxies

One small step towards X-ray Interferometry

Andrew Blain

Dick Willingale

5th December

Spectral Variability in Broad Absorption Line Quasars
Conor Wildy

Spring Term 2013

14th February

Gamma-Ray Observations of the Orion Molecular Clouds with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Akira Okumura

14th March

Extreme galactic particle accelrators - the case of HESS J1640-465

Probing the X-ray emission region in AGN

Stefan Ohm

Will Alston

Summer Term (2013)

11th April

Crazy optical variability of a blazar: using Kepler data for extragalactic astrophysics

Simon Vaughan

9th May

The Complex Spectral Variability of NGC 4051

Something Completely Different: A New Orbit, Visibility & Field-Of-View Simulator

Andrew Lobban

Andy Read
23rd May

Are AGN X-ray spectra made by ultra fast shocks?


Sergei Nayakshin

Martin Bourne
6th June

X-ray Sky Surveys and the 3XMM Catalogue

The PREPARDE project and new international initiatives on publishing research data

Mike Watson

Jonny Tedds

Autumn Term 2012

4th December

Gamma-Ray Emission from the Brightest Cluster Galaxies? A Search by Stacking. 

Kate Dutson

Wed 17th October

Recent Developments in the Search for Compton Thick AGN

Ioannis Georgantopoulos
15th November

Hyper-velocity Stars Ejected by Quasar Feedback


Kastytis Zubovas

Martin Barstow
6th December


1SXPS - The Swift XRT Point Source Catalogue

Will Alston

Phil Evans

Summer Term (2012)

17th May

The Origin of the Ultraviolet Excess: Evidence for a Multistage Formation History of Local Early Type Galaxies Using WISE and GALEX

The Role of AGN Feedback in Affecting Star Formation

Sara Petty

Duncan Farrah
14th June

Key Technology for the Cherenkov-Telescope Array

A New Measurement of the Local Dark Matter Density

Richard White

Justin Read
*Mon* 18th June

The Evolution of Accretion Disks in Tidal Disruption Events.

Rongfeng Shen
*Mon* 25th June

Scale-Invarience Afterglow Dynamics and Light Curves

Hendrik van Eerten (NYU)
19th July

Deserts and Pile-Ups in the Distribution of Exoplanets. 

The Contribution of High Mass X-ray Binaries to Cosmological Reionization.

Richard Alexander

Gillian James

Spring Term (2012)

9th February

Observation of AGN Outflows

Theory of AGN Outflows and Feeback

Ken Pounds

Andrew King
16th February

Ultraluminous X-ray Sources Painting the Picture of Extreme Accretion. 

Simulating Swift-BAT GRBs at High Redshift.

Matt Middleton (Durham)

Owen Littlejohns
Monday 4th March

Eccentricity Growth of Giant Embedded Planets.

The Entropy Condition of GodonuvSPH

Chaotic or Disc Accretion in AGN: Evidence from the M-sigma Relations

Alex Dunhill

Seung-Hoon Cha

Sergei Nayakshin
Friday 16th March

Resolving the Dust: Results from the DEBRIS Survey
Mark Booth
(University of Victoria)
Tuesday 20th March

Dynamical Evolution of Black Hole Binaries in Rotating Merger Remnants.
Alessia Gualandris (MPA Garching)
Monday 26th March

Niall Deacon (Heidelberg)

Autumn Term (2011)

13 October

Disk-magnetosphere Interaction in Neutron Stars

Suzan Dogan
27 October

The Gamma-Ray Burst-Supernova Connection Studied in X-rays.
Martin Sparre

On the Origin of Circumstellar Material in Hot White Dwarf Spectra
Nathan Dickinson
10 November

Baryonic Effects on DM Haloes
Walter Dehnen

On the Origin of Comets and Asteroids in the Solar System
Sergei Nayakshin
24 November

Simulations of Fermi Bubbles
Kastytis Zubovas
8 December

Constraints on the Mass Distribution of Fornax from its Globular Clusters.

Dave Cole

Probing the Physics of GRB Afterglows with Linear and Circular Polarimetry
Klaas Wiersema
Mon 12 December

The Mechanisms Driving the Evolution and Dispersal of Protoplanetary Disks.
Ilaria Pascucci

Summer Term (2011)

12 May

Tuning in to Jupiter-like exoplanets

Jonny Nichols
26 May

Gamma-ray pulses: the building blocks of gamma-ray bursts

Dick Willingale

Discovery of the coldest directly imaged companion to another star: brown dwarf or planet?
Matt Burleigh
9 June


Sarah Bryan

Why most published results are wrong-and why this isn't as bad as it sounds!

Simon Vaughn
23 June


Alan Duffy

Spring Term (2011)

19 Jan

Multi-wavelength properties of the gamma-ray loud binary systems

Masha Chernyakova
3 Feb



The accretion histories of TTauri stars

Richard Alexander
17 Feb

AGN absorbers: planet formation near AGN?

Sergei Nayakshin
3 Mar

The galactic bulge as seen by BRAVA

Andreas Koch

Dust extinction in gamma-ray burst host galaxies
Klaas Wiersema
17 Mar

How to make supermassive black hole binaries merge: retrograde accretion

Chris Nixon

Calculating the gamma-ray flux from dark matter annihilation

Celine Combet
31 Mar

Black hole unification
Simon Vaughan



Autumn Term (2010)

14 Oct

The XMM-Newton Slew Survey...what XMM gets up to at the weekend

Andy Read


Jonathan Tedds
28 Oct

Swift follow-up of unidentified X-ray sources in the XMM-Newton Slew Survey

Rhaana   Starling

Simulating galaxy formation: sub-grid models at the intermediate scale

Alex Hobbs
11 Nov

The fate of planetary systems beyond the main sequence

Amy Bonsor

A magnetic and metallic white dwarf: two potential signatures of destroyed planets

Jay Fahiri
25 Nov

What role could X-ray binaries play in cosmological reionisation?

Chris Power

Solar Wind Charge Exchange emission seen  in the vicinity of the Earth
Jenny Carter
9 Dec

Can super-massive black holes suppress the formation of galactic bars?

David Coles


James Webb Space Telescope: an update on the mission and science outlook, and observing proposal-planning

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