February 7th 2013 Sol 180

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February 7th 2013 Sol 180

Drill hole sol 180 Mahli mage

Our latest drilling activity is shown in this Mahli image.  The circular drilled hole is 1.6 cm diameter and the sort of fresh rock powder that will be used for ChemCam, ChemMin and SAM analyses has been exposed.  So it is looking promising for the deeper drillling as well.

On the 8th February there will be a  Mars science meeting at the Royal Astronomical Society in London.  The keynote talk will be given by Paul Mahaffy (principal investigator of the SAM instruments in Curiosity) about the first stages of Curiosity's discoveries. 

Next week there will be an MSL team meeting at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.  We will discuss the latest results from Yellowknife Bay. 

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