19th Octobe 2016 Sol 1495

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19th Octobe 2016 Sol 1495

CaSSIS camera on TGO - now in Mars orbit

Curiosity has been drilling at Sabina as we continue our Murray formation investigations.

Meanwhile Trace Gas Orbiter has successfully been placed in orbit. The TGO will follow up the discovery of methane in the Mars’ atmosphere made by Curiosity’s SAM and Mars Express, and ground-based observations in the infrared spectrum of methane in the atmosphere.

@uniofleicester are part of the CaSSIS stereo camera on @ESA_TGO which we will use to help characterise recent surface processes.

Some data has been sent back after release from TGO by the Schiaparelli technology demonstrator lander but no signal sent back to indicate a succesful landing. Hopefully the data will be sufficient to work out what happened during descent.

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