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5th April 2017 Sol 1658

5th April 2017 Sol 1658

Posted by jcb36 at Apr 05, 2017 12:55 PM |

The second Bagnold Dunes campaign is now drawing to a close.  We have a sieved (150 micron) sample of the dune in the internal cache which will be used for SAM isotope and organic analyses, and CheMin mineral identification.

Here we see an array (a '10 by 1') of ChemCam laser shots captured by MastCam.

4th March 2017 Sol 1627

4th March 2017 Sol 1627

Posted by jcb36 at Mar 04, 2017 08:41 PM |

We are continuing the Bagnold Dunes campaign, with  stops 3 and 4. This NavCam view shows the Curiosity robotic arm for the team's examination.  Here we have checked the position of the MAHLI cover (seen at the bottom of the robotic arm turret) and all is as planned for future operations.

24th February 2017 - Sol 1620

24th February 2017 - Sol 1620

Posted by jcb36 at Feb 24, 2017 08:39 PM |

We have been examining Ireson Hill and found this unusual 10-15 cm diameter rock- called Passagassawakakeag !

The shape is an almost perfect Dreikanter.  That's a German word  for a sample in desert or periglacial environments formed by the abrasion of blown sand. Dreikanters typically have a pyramid shape with flat wind-abraded facets.


6th February 2017 Sol 1602

6th February 2017 Sol 1602

Posted by jcb36 at Feb 06, 2017 09:27 PM |

We have started the second part of the Bagnold Dunes campaign. This NavCam image shows Bagnold dunes in front of Ireson Hill. This first in the current dunes campaign is Called Mapleton.

Good news for the MSL team is that ChemCam is back in operation after having an electrical fault. We have started with a 5 x 1 laser raster on the ripple crests.

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