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Welcome to the home page of the Space Research Centre engineering activities. The Space Research Centre has the in-house capability to take scientific instruments from that initial bright idea to the launch site and into operations.


Mechanical Engineering

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The capability of the Space Research Centre is proven through its portfolio of space missions. For over 40 years an instrument built by the Space Research Centre has been sucessfully operating in space. The Space Resarch Centre is also commited to applying this capability to ground based technologies and runs knowledge exchange activities. The Space Research Centre also runs a work experience and internship programme to support emerging science and engineering talent.

Please contact us if you feel that we can help you. We would be delighted to show you what we do.

Past Missions:

Present Missions:
Epic XMM: MIRI-James Webb Space Telescope:
XMM MIRI Assembled

MIXS-Bepi Colombo:

PAW-Beagle2: SXT Astrosat:




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