SRC Seminar Program

Scheduled SRC instrumentation seminars.
12 Jun 2018 TBC Dr Emma Chung, University of Leicester
29 May 2018

Numan Dawood

Phil Peterson

08 May 2018 A Novel Approach to Geo-technics on Another Planet, SPLIT John Holt, University of Leicester
24 Apr 2018

Adam Parkes Bowen

Thawatchai Sudjai

10 Apr 2018 PRaVDA: The First Solid-State System for Proton Computed Tomography Dr Michela Esposito, University of Lincoln
27 Mar 2018

Connor Duffy

Daniel Watters

13 Mar 2018 The Soft X-ray Imager (SXI) on the SMILE mission Dr Steve Sembay, University of Leicester
01 Mar 2018

Jasmine Wareham

Graeme Hall

13 Feb 2018 Smart Raman probes for in vivo cancer diagnostics Dr Alex Dudgeon, University of Exeter
30 Jan 2018

Cherenkov Telescope Array: Investigating Photodetectors for the Ground based Gamma Ray Observatory

Compound Semiconductor Detectors for High-Energy Astronomy

Angaraj Duara

Kjell Koch-Mehrin


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