Cryogenic Laboratory

The Space Research Centre’s purpose built Low Temperature Laboratory is in Phase Two of the Michael Atiyah Building. The laboratory floor has two “pits” to house low-temperature cryostats which require unusual overhead clearance and has multiple overhead crane access. The pits incorporate vibration isolation features to reduce the effects of micro phonic noise. One pit is circular, 1.0 m in diameter by 1.48 m deep and the second is rectangular, 1.38 m x 2.98 m x 0.49 m deep. The laboratory’s safety features include an extraction fan system and multiple oxygen level sensors with suitable alarms.

The lab is home to one low temperature system: a cryogen-free Oxford Instruments Heliox AC-V system which provides approximately a 300 mili-Kelvin (mK) base temperature for up to 48 hours before it needs replenishing. the facility is currently being used to investigate graphene based sensors in conjunction with the Condensed Matter Physics research group within the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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