Jeff Hoffman, the University's own astronaut

JeffHoffmanOnly one Physics and Astronomy Department in the UK offers modules on space taught by someone who has actually been there.

Jeff Hoffman first came to Leicester in 1972 as a post-doctoral student after completing a PhD in astrophysics at Harvard. By the time he returned to the USA, he had a wife, a son and an attachment to the University which continues to this day in his role as Visiting Professor.

Somewhere inbetween, he flew into space five times on four different Shuttle orbiters, becoming the first astronaut to log more than 1,000 hours in space.


Tales of Hoffman: spaceflight career

Date Mission
Jan 1978   Selected by NASA for astronaut training
Aug 1979   Became a fully qualified astronaut
Nov 1982 STS-5 Support crewmember
Aug 1983 STS-8 CAPCOM (capsule communicator) 
Apr 1985 STS-51-D Mission specialist
Feb 1987 STS-82 CAPCOM
Dec 1990 STS-35 Mission specialist 
Jul/Aug 1992 STS-46 Payload commander and mission specialist
Dec 1993 STS-61 EVA crewmember
Feb/Mar 1996 STS-75 Mission specialist 
Jul 1997   Left astronaut program to become NASA's European representative in Paris

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