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General documents


ECLAT proposal summary

Summary of original ECLAT proposal document


ECLAT SuperDARN user guide

User guide to ECLAT SuperDARN CEF files and quick-look plots


ECLAT IMAGE FUV user guide

User guide to ECLAT IMAGE FUV CEF files and quick-look plots


ECLAT field line tracing user guide

User guide to ECLAT field line tracing from the Cluster spacecraft to the conjugate ionospheres


Progress and Planning meeting reports

Minutes and reports arising from the Progress and Planning meetings of the ECLAT executive board

PM1, PM2, PM3, PM4, PM5, PM6, PM7


Science and Validation Workshop meeting reports

Minutes and reports arising from the Science and Validation Workshops

SW1 - Assessment of mapping accuracy

SW2 - Minutes of meso-scale science workshop

SW3 - Minutes of assimilation workshop

SW4 - Minutes of global scale dynamics workshop


Feedback from Advisory Panel

A report detailing the input from the ECLAT Advisory Panel will be available here.


All deliverable reports

Reports arising from deliverables from ECLAT workpackages

Management: D100.1, D100.2, D100.3, D100.4, D100.5, D100.6, D100.7, D110.1, D110.2

In situ products: D210.1, D220.1, D230.1

Meso scale products: D310.1, D320.1, D620.1

Field line tracing products: D330.1, D330.2, D610.1

Global scale products: D410.1, D420.1, D430.1, D440.1, D640.1

Modelling products: D510.1, D520.1, D630.1

Workshop reports: D600.1, D600.2, D600.3, D600.4, D600.5



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