Future UK Space Science Missions: Programme & Talk Downloads

The RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting on "Future UK Space Science Missions" took place on 12th October 2012. Thank you to all the participants for making this a highly productive and interesting event. Presentation slides of talks, where available, can be downloaded by clicking on the talk titles in the list below.

AM Session: Nearer-Term Concepts


9:50 Sirius: Stellar and ISM research via in-orbit UV spectroscopy

            (Martin Barstow, U. Leicester)


10:10: AXIOM-C: Advanced X-ray Imaging Of the Magnetosphere - Cusps 

            (Graziella Branduardi-Raymont,  MSSL)


10:30: Earthquake Forecasting with Twin-Sat

            (Alan Smith, MSSL)


10:50: The All-Sky Transient Astrophysics Reporter (A-STAR)

            (Julian Osborne, U. Leicester)


11:10: Energetic Charged Particles Above Thunderclouds

            (Martin Fullekrug,  U. Bath)


11:30: Polar Observation  

            (Malcolm Macdonald, U. Strathclyde)


11:50: UKSA's Recent Achievements & Ongoing Mission Involvement

            (Chris Castelli, UKSA)


PM Session: Longer-Term Concepts


13:00: Planetary Spectroscopic Interferometer

            (Bruce Swinyard,  STFC/UCL)


13:20: Lunar CubeSats

            (Massimiliano Vasile,  U. Strathclyde)


13:40: Alfvén : Magnetosphere- Ionosphere Connection Explorers

            Also available: WIC movie shown during talk.

            (Andrew Fazakerley, MSSL)


14.00: Constellations of small satellites for space weather monitoring

            (Johnathan Eastwood & Matteo Ceriotti, Imperial College & U of Glasgow)


14:20: Uranus Pathfinder: Exploring the Origins and Evolution of Ice Giant Planets

            (Chris Arridge, MSSL/UCL)


14:40: Solar Polar Mission  

            (Malcolm Macdonald, U. Strathclyde)


15:00: Space Science Missions - a long term perspective from UK industry

            (Matthew Stuttard, EADS Astrium)

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