K Beuermann

K. Beuermann, S. Dreizler, and F.V.Hessman

Institut fuer Astrophysik, Universitaet Goettingen, Germany

On the evidence of planetary systems in post-common envelope binaries.

The O-C variations detected in several PCEB have been interpreted as evidence for the presence of single planets or systems of planets orbiting the close binary. In order to be universally acceptable, this interpretation should preferentially apply to all PCEB that display eclipse-time variations. A necessary condition is the secular stability of the proposed system. We present new mid-eclipse times for NN Ser along with a stability analysis, which demonstrates that the two planets are caught in the 2:1 mean motion resonance. The evidence for a planetary nature of the O-C variations in the sdB binary HW Vir is also good. Problematic cases are the cataclysmic variable HU Aqr and QS Vir. We discuss the possibility that all variations are produced by companions to the PCEB.

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