A Day-Jones

Avril Day-Jones

Universidad de Chile

White dwarf-Brown dwarf binaries: The use of white dwarfs in the calibration of ultracool atmospheres.

 We present our program to identify white dwarf- brown dwarf binary systems from sky surveys such as SuperCOSMOS, SDSS, 2MASS and UKIDSS. Systems containing a white dwarf and a brown dwarf are rare but can be used to place constraints on the age of the binary, making them valuable benchmark systems. It is currently not possible to calculate brown dwarf ages from models alone and white dwarfs provide an opportunity to aid the calibration of these models. We present preliminary findings of our benchmark binary search and review the level of constraints currently provided by benchmark objects. Finally we describe the niche age space that white dwarf - brown dwarf binary systems can provide and look at how more systems may be identified in future surveys, such as VISTA and WISE.




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