PhD and Academic Opportunities

Thank you for looking at our PhD and employment vacancies page. This page contains details of both paid employment opportunities within the EOS group and project or work experience possibilities. We offer both full-time and part-time PhD positions but all our financially supported studentships are full-time.

Research Associate Positions

There are positions currently available

PhD Studentships

A complete list of the PhD positions available in EOS group can be found at the following link: full-time PhD positions

Currently advertised PhD projects are:

Ice microphysics from multi-frequency suites of active and passive remote sensing instruments: satellite product and numerical model validation

Project supervisors: Alessandro Battaglia and Hartmut Boesch

Understanding the global sources and sinks of atmospheric carbonyl sulfide (OCS) in order to provide insights into carbon cycle processes

Project supervisor: Dr Jeremy Harrison

The Carbon Cycle of Urban Areas

Project supervisors: Dr Hartmut Boesch

Novel Remote Sensing Methods for Methane Emissions

Project supervisors: Dr Hartmut Boesch

For general enquires please contact:

Hartmut Boesch;
John Remedios;
Paul Monks;



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EOS News
  • EOS congratulates Robert Parker on the award of an ESA Living Planet Fellowship in exploring the global carbon cycle through observations of greenhouse gas atmospheric variability.
  • EOS is pleased to announce that the NERC National Centre for Earth Observation is now led from the University of Leicester under the Directorship of Professor John Remedios.
  • EOS congratulates Joshua Vande Hey on the award of a NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellowship.

The 2018 Ernest Rutherford Fellowships round is now open for applications. Further details on the process of applying for an ERF in the Department of Physics and Astronomy can be found here.

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