Mike Perry

Research Interests: Land Surface Temperature, Urban Heat Island, Urban Energy Balance

Mike PerryThe urban surface energy balance, and in particular the effect it can have on various climatological and ecological factors, is an issue of increasing importance in a world of ever expanding urbanisation.  The processes at work in this system are still not fully understood and require greater investigation.

The purpose of my research is to investigate the surface energy balance of the urban environment and to improve our knowledge and ability to model this complex system through the use of satellite instrumentation. With particular focus on the retrieval and application of land surface temperatures (LST) derived from remote sensing data in an effort to visualise the urban environment and lay the foundations for the potential incorporation of LST into a surface energy model.

Through an improved model of the surface energy balance in urban areas, it should be possible to extract information about the anthropological factors within urban regions and the effect that they can have upon the urban energy balance.

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