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The EOS group is an interdisciplinary team based at the Space Research Center in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, with lecturers also in the departments of Chemistry and Geography. The group is a national and international hub for a broad range of activities utilising satellite (remote sensing) data for studies of today’s key challenges, such as climate change, and in devising new technologies for the future.

The core goal of the group is to conduct integrated research and development, leading the design, build, data analysis and exploitation of increasingly sophisticated and powerful sensors that are now being flown on satellites. Underpinning this work is the utilisation of field instruments, laboratory data and models either in-house or through collaborations.

The chief reseach areas of the group are:

1) Data sets for climate change and weather forecast studies:

  • Greenhouse gases
  • Sea and land surface temperatures
  • Precipitation
  • Fire disturbances


2) Global atmospheric composition and chemistry:

  • Volatile organic compound distributions
  • Stratospheric composition and chemistry
  • Boundary layer and urban chemistry


3) Land cover change and carbon:

  • African and boreal fires
  • Indonesian peatland
  • Land-atmosphere modelling


4) Urban environment research and pollution transport:


5) Remote sensing technology and laboratory work:


Aplications of space data are investigated through our business and government support service (G-STEP)


Outreach and education are supported strongly. See our Education and Outreach page.

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EOS News
  • EOS congratulates Robert Parker on the award of an ESA Living Planet Fellowship in exploring the global carbon cycle through observations of greenhouse gas atmospheric variability.
  • EOS is pleased to announce that the NERC National Centre for Earth Observation is now led from the University of Leicester under the Directorship of Professor John Remedios.
  • EOS congratulates Joshua Vande Hey on the award of a NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellowship.

No current announcements.

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