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The Department of Physics offers a variety of projects for applicants covering research themes from our three main Research Councils; EPSRC, NERC and STFC.

Stargazing from the International Space Station

Themes Available

Please pay attention to the Application Instructions on the specific project to help us process your application efficiently.

AST/2019/SV1 Black hole astrophysics through timing studies Dr Simon Vaughan PhD
AST/2019/CN1 Black holes, planets and dynamic accretion discs in astrophysics Dr Chris Nixon PhD
CENTA2-NCEO-BATT Chasing convective storm evolution with swarms of space-borne Ka-band radars Dr Alessandro Battaglia
CENTA2-PHY1-BATTA Chasing weather with a state-of-the-art constellation of low cost microwave sensor satellites Dr Alessandro Battaglia PhD
CENTA2-NCEO-REME Developing a long-term merged all-sky surface temperature record for evaluation and application in climate models Prof John Remedios PhD
AST/2019/JL1 Developments in Intensity Interferometry Prof Jon Lapington PhD
AST/2019/JA1 Do black holes affect how galaxies evolve? Dr James Aird PhD
AST/2019/SM1 Electrodynamics of the solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere-atmosphere coupled system Prof Steve Milan PhD
CENTA2-PHY3-HARR The elusive BVOC: mapping atmospheric isoprene from space Dr Jeremy Harrison PhD
CENTA2-PHY2-BOES Emissions of Greenhouse Gases from Extensive Agriculture in the Indio-Gangetic Plain Prof Hartmut Boesch PhD
AST/2019/SN1 Extra-Solar Gas Giant Planets, Theories Meet Observations Prof Sergei Nayakshin PhD
AST/2019/AB1 Gravitational lenses with ALMA Prof Andrew Blain PhD
AST/2019/TS2 The Hidden Aurora of Uranus Dr Tom Stallard PhD
CENTA2-PHY5-REME High Resolution Thermal Imaging Data at the forefront of Earth Observation Research and Services Prof John Remedios PhD
CENTA2-PHY6-VAND Improved driving-scenario-based inventories for real world tailpipe emissions from contemporary vehicles Dr Joshua Vande Hey PhD
PLA/2019/JB1 Instrumentation for Mars Sample Return Prof John Bridges PhD
CENTA2-PHY8-YEO1 Investigating the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere with induction coil magnetometer data Prof Tim Yeoman PhD
AST/2019/TS1 Jupiter's infrared aurora Dr Tom Stallard PhD
AST/2019/JN1 Magnetospheres of exoplanets Dr Jonathan Nichols PhD
AST/2019/MG1 Mapping the central regions of Active Galaxies on microarcsecond scales Dr Mike Goad PhD
AST/2019/TY1 Mercury's Space Environment Prof Tim Yeoman PhD
AST/2019/NT1 Multi-messenger astrophysics Prof Nial Tanvir PhD
AST/2019/MB2 The planetary graveyard - searching for the remnants of exoplanet systems around dead stars Dr Matt Burleigh PhD
AST/2019/ML1 Radar Sounding of the Martian Atmosphere Prof Mark Lester PhD
CENTA2-NCEO-BOES Satellite Observations of CO2 in support of the Paris Agreement for Emission Reduction Prof Hartmut Boesch PhD
AST/2019/SC1 Searching for variability and companions to brown dwarfs in NGTS Dr Sarah Casewell PhD
QUA/2019/JL1 Single photon timing in the picosecond regime Prof Jon Lapington PhD
CENTA2-PHY7-WRIG Solar energy input from the Earth’s magnetosphere to its atmosphere Dr Darren Wright PhD
CENTA2-PHY4-MARA Space-based solutions to air pollution in the UK Dr Eloise Marais PhD
AST/2019/DW1 The transfer of solar wind energy into the upper atmosphere through magnetospheric waves Dr Darren Wright PhD
CENTA2-NCEO-HARR Towards improved weather forecasting: the retrieval of temperature and cloud properties from IASI using new carbon dioxide spectroscopic Dr Jeremy Harrison PhD
AST/2019/TY2 Ultra-low frequency waves in the terrestrial magnetosphere Prof Tim Yeoman PhD
CLI/2019/AB1 Versatile Machine Learning-based detection technology for supercooled liquid clouds in polar regions Dr Alessandro Battaglia PhD
AST/2019/MB1 White dwarfs, exoplanets and fundamental physics Prof Martin Barstow PhD

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