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The Department of Physics offers a variety of projects for applicants from our research groups.

Stargazing from the International Space Station

Please pay attention to the Application Instructions on the specific project to help us process your application efficiently.

Earth Observation Science

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For projects offered by groups, please click the links above or alternatively, browse our full project list below :

RSPP/2018/LF1 Beyond Cassini: Saturn's Seasonal Evolution from Earth-based Infrared Spectroscopy Leigh Fletcher and Jon Nichols PhD
CSE-PHYS2-AIRD Black Hole Growth in the Early Universe James Aird and Mike Watson PhD
TA/2018/CN1 Black holes, planets and dynamic accretion discs in astrophysics Chris Nixon and Graham Wynn PhD
SRC/2018/JB1 ChemCam studies of a Habitable Environment on Mars John Bridges PhD
XROA/2018/MG1 Data mining the Next Generation Transit Survey Mike Goad and Matt Burleigh PhD
RSPP/2018/LF2 Earth-based spectroscopy of Jupiter's Galilean Moons Leigh Fletcher and Ian Hutchinson PhD
RSPP/2018/SM1 Electrodynamics of the solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere-atmosphere coupled system Steve Milan and Suzie Imber PhD
CSE-PHYS1-BARK The elusive BVOC: mapping atmospheric isoprene from space Michael Barkley and Jeremy Harrison PhD
XROA/2018/MB1 Exploiting the Next Generation Transit Survey Matt Burleigh and Mike Goad PhD
TA/2018/SN1 Feeding and Feedback in the central parsec of the Milky Way Sergei Nayakshin PhD
XROA/2018/AB1 Gravitational lenses with ALMA Andrew Blain and Nial Tanvir PhD
RSPP/2018/TS3 The Hidden Aurora of Uranus Tom Stallard and Jon Nichols PhD
XROA/2018/PO1 Identifying the electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave events Paul O'Brien and Nial Tanvir PhD
XROA/2018/RW1 Innovative X-ray Optics for Wide Field Applications Dick Willingale and Paul O'Brien PhD
RSPP/2018/TS1 Jupiter's energy crisis Tom Stallard and Leigh Fletcher PhD
TA/2018/GW1 Magnetar Driven Emission in Short Gamma-Ray Bursts Graham Wynn and Chris Nixon PhD
RSPP/2018/EB1 Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling at the Outer Planets Emma Bunce and Jon Nichols PhD
XROA/2018/MG2 Mapping the central regions of AGN Mike Goad and Simon Vaughan PhD
RSPP/2018/TS2 The mysteries of Saturn's Aurora Tom Stallard and Emma Bunce PhD
XROA/2018/MB2 The planetary graveyard - searching for the remnants of exoplanet systems around dead stars Matt Burleigh PhD
RSPP/2018/IH1 The Search for Europa Ian Hutchinson PhD
RSPP/2018/NB1 Space 4.0 Architectures for Planetary Missions Nigel Bannister and Richard Ambrosi PhD
RSPP/2018/TY1 ULF waves in Mercury's magnetosphere Tim Yeoman and Suzie Imber PhD

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