Víctor Zabalza

Research Associate in Gamma-ray Astronomy

Email: victor.zabalza@le.ac.uk

Office: Room F19B, Physics and Astronomy

Tel: +44 (0)116 223 1385


I obtained my PhD in 2011 at the University of Barcelona under the supervision of Josep Maria Paredes with a thesis entitled The keV-TeV connection in gamma-ray binaries. I then worked for two years in the group of Felix Aharonian at the Max-Planck-Instut für Kernphysik in Heidelberg with the support of a Beatriu de Pinós Fellowship (Marie Curie FP7-COFUND program). In 2013 I moved to the University of Leicester, where I am part of the HESS and CTA collaborations.

Research interests

My primary research goal is directed towards understanding the processes driving particle acceleration and non-thermal emission in galactic objects with relativistic outflows through a combination of theoretical modelling and X-ray, GeV, and TeV observations. My main focus has been on gamma-ray binaries, but I am also interested in non-thermal processes in pulsar wind nebulae and supernova remnants. In most of my endeavors, I try to bridge the gap between theory and observations, so that as much physical inference as possible can be obtained from multiwavelength observations of nonthermal radiation.

Selected Publications

  • Unraveling the high-energy emission components of gamma-ray binaries: Zabalza, V., Bosch-Ramon, V., Aharonian, F. & Khangulyan, D., 2013, A&A, 551, A17 [ DOI | arXiv | ADS ]
  • Thermal X-Ray Emission from the Shocked Stellar Wind of Pulsar Gamma-Ray Binaries: Zabalza, V., Bosch-Ramon, V. & Paredes, J.M., 2011, ApJ, 743, 7 [ DOI | arXiv | ADS ]
  • A Search for Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from Scorpius X-1 with the Magic Telescopes: Aleksić, J., et al. (+151 authors, incl. Zabalza, V.), 2011, ApJL, 735,  L5 [ DOI | arXiv | ADS ]
  • On the origin of correlated X-ray/VHE emission from LS I +61 303: Zabalza, V., Paredes, J.M. & Bosch-Ramon, V., 2011, A&A, 527,  A9 [ DOI | arXiv | ADS ]
  • Correlated X-Ray and Very High Energy Emission in the Gamma-Ray Binary LS I +61 303: Anderhub, H., et al. (+155 authors, incl. Zabalza, V.), 2009, ApJL, 706, L27 [ DOI | arXiv | ADS ]

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