Dr Stuart Muldrew

photoResearch Associate in Theoretical Astrophysics

MPhys (Durham), PhD (Nottingham)

Tel: +44 (0)116 223 1802

Email: stuart.muldrew@leicester.ac.uk

Office: Room BU2, Bennett/Physics Underpass

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Dr Stuart Muldrew graduated from the University of Durham with a MPhys Physics and Astronomy (first class honours) in 2009.  He then embarked on a PhD in Astrophysics at the University of Nottingham, where he graduated in 2013.  Following a short period of postdoctoral research at the University of Nottingham, Stuart joined the University of Leicester in April 2014 as a STFC fixed-term funded postdoctoral research associate.  Stuart left the University at the end of March 2017.

Research Interests

My research interests focus on galaxy formation and cosmology.  Principally, I am interested in how a galaxy's environment influences its evolution.  Galaxies reside in a range of environments, from clusters and groups through to the field; and a number of properties, such as stellar mass, colour and star formation rate, depend on their location.  My research looks to address why these relationships exist and what are the dominant physical mechanisms driving them.  Additionally, I have a strong interest in feedback processes such as those from supermassive black holes, X-ray binaries, supernovae and stellar winds.  Using computer simulations I look to study the role these play in galaxy evolution.

Selected Publications

What are Protoclusters? - Defining High-Redshift Galaxy Clusters and Protoclusters
Muldrew S.I., Hatch N.A., Cooke E.A.
2015, MNRAS, 452, 2528 (arXiv:1506.08835) [ADS]

Measures of Galaxy Environment - I. What is 'Environment'?
Muldrew S.I., Croton D.J., Skibba R.A., Pearce F.R., Ann H.B., Baldry I.K., Brough S., Choi Y.-Y., Conselice C.J., Cowan N.B., Gallazzi A., Gray M.E., Grützbauch R., Li I.-H., Park C., Pilipenko S.V., Podgorzec B.J., Robotham A.S.G., Wilman D.J., Yang X., Zhang Y., Zibetti S.
2012, MNRAS, 419, 2670 (arXiv:1109.6328) [ADS]

The Accuracy of Subhalo Detection
Muldrew S.I., Pearce F.R., Power C.
2011, MNRAS, 410, 2617 (arXiv:1008.2903) [ADS]

Haloes gone MAD: The Halo-Finder Comparison Project
Knebe A., Knollmann S.R., Muldrew S.I., Pearce F.R., Aragon-Calvo M.A., Ascasibar Y., Behroozi P.S., Ceverino D., Colombi S., Diemand J., Dolag K., Falck B.L., Fasel P., Gardner J., Gottlöber S., Hsu C.-H., Iannuzzi F., Klypin A., Lukic Z., Maciejewski M., McBride C., Neyrinck M.C., Planelles S., Potter D., Quilis V., Rasera Y., Read J.I., Ricker P.M., Roy F., Springel V., Stadel J., Stinson G., Sutter P.M., Turchaninov V., Tweed D., Yepes G., Zemp M.
2011, MNRAS, 415, 2293 (arXiv:1104.0949) [ADS]

A full list of publications can be found here.

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