A compete list of my refereed publications is available from NASA's Astrophysics Data System (all papers; first-author papers) and, or from my personal website.

Review articles:

The dispersal of protoplanetary disks
R.Alexander, I.Pascucci, S.Andrews, P.Armitage & L.Cieza.
Chapter in Protostars & Planets VI, eds. H.Beuther, C.Dullemond, Th.Henning & R.Klessen, University of Arizona Press, p475-496 (2014).

Circumstellar disks and planets: science cases for next-generation optical/infrared long-baseline interferometers
S.Wolf, F.Malbet, R.Alexander, J.-Ph.Berger, M.Creech-Eakman, G.Duchêne, A.Dutrey, C.Mordasini, E.Pantin, F.Pont, J.-U.Pott, E.Tatulli, L.Testi, A&A Review, vol 20, article 52 (2012).

From discs to planetesimals: evolution of gas and dust discs
Chapter in Circumstellar discs and planets at very high angular resolution, New Astronomy Reviews, vol 52, p60-77 (2008).


Papers in refereed journals:


A self-similar solution for thermal disc winds
C.J.Clarke & R.D.Alexander, MNRAS, in press.

There might be giants: unseen Jupiter-mass planets as sculptors of tightly-packed planetary systems
T.O.Hands & R.D.Alexander, MNRAS, vol 456, p4121-4127 (2016).

Magnetospheres of hot Jupiters: hydrodynamic models & ultraviolet absorption
R.D.Alexander, G.A.Wynn, H.Mohammed, J.D.Nichols & B.Ercolano, MNRAS, vol 456, p2766-2778 (2016).


Probing the final stages of protoplanetary disk evolution with ALMA
A.Hardy, C.Caceres, M.R.Schreiber, L.Cieza, R.D.Alexander, H.Canovas, J.P.Williams & Z.Wahhaj, A&A, vol 583, article A66 (2015).

The evolution of inner disk gas in transition disks
K.Hoadley, K.France, R.D.Alexander, M.McJunkin & P.C.Schneider, ApJ, vol 812, article 41 (2015).

Hubble Space Telescope observations of the NUV transit of WASP-12b
J.D.Nichols, G.A.Wynn, M.Goad, R.D.Alexander, S.L.Casewell, S.W.H.Cowley, M.R.Burleigh, J.T.Clarke & D.Bisikalo, ApJ, vol 803, article 9 (2015).


Misaligned accretion on to supermassive black hole binaries
A.C.Dunhill, R.D.Alexander, C.J.Nixon & A.R.King, MNRAS, vol 445, p2285-2296 (2014).

Understanding the assembly of Kepler's compact planetary systems
T.O.Hands, R.D.Alexander & W.Dehnen, MNRAS, vol 445, p749-760 (2014).


The curiously circular orbit of Kepler-16b
A.C.Dunhill & R.D.Alexander, MNRAS, vol 435, p2328-2334 (2013).

Formation of circumbinary planets in a dead zone
R.G.Martin, P.J.Armitage & R.D.Alexander, ApJ, vol 773, article 74 (2013).

Hot gas lines in T Tauri stars
D.R.Ardila, G.J.Herczeg, S.G.Gregory, L.Ingleby, K.France, A.Brown, S.Edwards, J.L.Linsky, H.Yang, J.M.Brown, J.A.Valenti, C.Johns-Krull, R.D.Alexander, E.Bergin, T.Bethell, N.Calvet, C.Espaillat, H.Abgrall, L.A.Hillenbrand, G.Hussain, E.Roueff, E.R.Schindhelm, F.M.Walter, ApJS, vol 207, article 1 (2013).

Accretion rates for T Tauri stars using nearly simultaneous ultraviolet and optical spectra
L.Ingleby, N.Calvet, G.Herczeg, A.Blaty, F.Walter, D.Ardila, R.Alexander, S.Edwards, C.Espaillat, S.G.Gregory, L.Hillenbrand & A.Brown, ApJ, vol 767, article 112 (2013).

A limit on eccentricity growth from global 3-D simulations of disc-planet interactions
A.C.Dunhill, R.D.Alexander & P.J.Armitage, MNRAS, vol 428, p3072-3082 (2013).


WD0837+185: the formation and evolution of an extreme mass ratio white dwarf-brown dwarf binary in Praesepe
S.L.Casewell, M.R.Burleigh, G.A.Wynn, R.D.Alexander, R.Napiwotzki, K.A.Lawrie, P.D.Dobbie, R.F.Jameson & S.T.Hodgkin, ApJ (Letters), vol 759, article L34 (2012).

The dispersal of protoplanetary disks around binary stars
R.Alexander, ApJ (Letters), vol 757, article L29 (2012).

A Hubble Space Telescope Survey of H2 Emission in the Circumstellar Environments of Young Stars
K.France, E.Schindhelm, G.J.Herczeg, A.Brown, H.Abgrall, R.D.Alexander, E.A.Bergin, J.M.Brown, J.L.Linsky, E.Roueff, & H.Yang, ApJ, vol 756, article 171 (2012).

Deserts and pile-ups in the distribution of exoplanets due to photoevaporative disc clearing
R.D.Alexander & I.Pascucci, MNRAS (Letters), vol 422, p L82-L86 (2012).

Galactic Centre star formation: the case of the missing gas disc
R.D.Alexander, S.L.Smedley, S.Nayakshin & A.R.King, MNRAS, vol 419, p1970-1976 (2012).

The relationship between accretion disc age and stellar age and its consequences for protostellar discs
M.G.Jones, J.E.Pringle & R.D.Alexander, MNRAS, vol 419, p925-935 (2012).


NUV Excess in Slowly Accreting T Tauri Stars: Limits Imposed by Chromospheric Emission
L.Ingleby, N.Calvet, E.Bergin, G.Herczeg, A.Brown, R.Alexander, S.Edwards, C.Espaillat, K.France, S.G.Gregory, L.Hillenbrand, E.Roueff, J.Valenti, F.Walter, J.Brown, J.Linsky, M.McClure, D.Ardila, H.Abgrall, T.Bethell, G.Hussain, H.Yang, ApJ, vol 743, article 105 (2011).

Disc instability in RS Ophiuchi: a path to Type Ia supernovae?
R.D.Alexander, G.A.Wynn, A.R.King & J.E.Pringle, MNRAS, vol 418, p2576-2583 (2011).

The photoevaporative wind from the disk of TW Hya
I.Pascucci, M.Sterzik, R.D.Alexander, S.H.P.Alencar, U.Gorti, D.Hollenbach, J.Owen, B.Ercolano & S.Edwards, ApJ, vol 376, article 13 (2011).

Global gravitational instabilities in discs with infall
D.Harsono, R.D.Alexander & Y.Levin, MNRAS, vol 413, p423-433 (2011).


Radiation-hydrodynamic models of X-ray & EUV photoevaporating protoplanetary discs
J.E.Owen, B.Ercolano, C.J.Clarke & R.D.Alexander, MNRAS, vol 401, p1415-1428 (2010).


Giant planet migration, disk evolution, and the origin of transitional disks
R.D.Alexander & P.J.Armitage, ApJ, vol 704, p989-1001 (2009).

Massive black hole binary mergers within sub-pc scale gas discs
J.Cuadra, P.J.Armitage, R.D.Alexander & M.C.Begelman, MNRAS, vol 393, p1423-1432 (2009).


[NeII] emission line profiles from photoevaporative disc winds
R.D.Alexander, MNRAS (Letters), vol 391, p L64-L68 (2008).

Binary formation and mass function variations in fragmenting discs with short cooling times
R.D.Alexander, P.J.Armitage & J.Cuadra, MNRAS, vol 389, p1655-1664 (2008).

Stellar dynamical evidence against a cold disc origin for stars in the Galactic Centre
J.Cuadra, P.J.Armitage & R.D.Alexander, MNRAS (Letters), vol 388, p L64-L68 (2008).

Self-gravitating fragmentation of eccentric accretion disks
R.D.Alexander, P.J.Armitage, J.Cuadra & M.C.Begelman, ApJ, vol 674, p927-935 (2008).


The Monitor project: JW 380 - a 0.26, 0.15 Mo pre-main-sequence eclipsing binary in the Orion Nebula Cluster
J.Irwin, S.Aigrain, S.Hodgkin, K.G.Stassun, L.Hebb, M.Irwin, E.Moraux, J.Bouvier, A.Alapini, R.Alexander, D.M.Bramich, J.Holtzmann, E.L.Martín, M.J.McCaughrean, F.Pont, P.E.Verrier & M.R.Zapatero Osorio, MNRAS, vol 380, p541-550 (2007).

Dust dynamics during protoplanetary disc clearing
R.D.Alexander & P.J.Armitage, MNRAS, vol 375, p500-512 (2007).

Constraints on the Stellar Mass Function from Stellar Dynamics at the Galactic Center
R.D.Alexander, M.C.Begelman & P.J.Armitage, ApJ, vol 654, p907-914 (2007).


Photoevaporation of protoplanetary discs II: evolutionary models and observable properties
R.D.Alexander, C.J.Clarke & J.E.Pringle, MNRAS, vol 369, p229-239 (2006).

Photoevaporation of protoplanetary discs I: hydrodynamic models
R.D.Alexander, C.J.Clarke & J.E.Pringle, MNRAS, vol 369, p216-228 (2006).

The Stellar Mass-Accretion Rate Relation in T Tauri Stars and Brown Dwarfs
R.D.Alexander & P.J.Armitage, ApJ (Letters), vol 639, p L83-L86 (2006).


Constraints on the ionizing flux emitted by T Tauri stars
R.D.Alexander, C.J.Clarke & J.E.Pringle, MNRAS, vol 358, p283-290 (2005).


The effects of X-ray photoionization and heating on the structure of circumstellar discs
R.D.Alexander, C.J.Clarke & J.E.Pringle, MNRAS, vol 354, p71-80 (2004).

On the origin of ionizing photons emitted by T Tauri stars
R.D.Alexander, C.J.Clarke & J.E.Pringle, MNRAS, vol 348, p879-884 (2004).


ISOCAM-CVF Spectroscopy of the Circumstellar Environment of Young Stellar Objects
R.D.Alexander, M.M.Casali, P.André, P.Persi & C.Eiroa, A&A, vol 401, p613-624 (2003).

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