Fellowship Listings for Postdoctoral Researchers and Returners

Fellowship Listings

The following is a table of current fellowship programmes intended to support researchers in physics. It is a guide only, particularly the closing dates: please refer to the relevant awarding body for up to date information.

The University also subscribes to Research Professional, where you can search for national and international funding opportunities and subscribe to alerts with the latest news.

Additions to this list are welcomed: please send them to Rhaana Starling (rlcs1@le.ac.uk) or Kiri Rhodes (kr124@le.ac.uk).

Scheme Deadline(s) Location (nationality restrictions) Duration Notes
Royal Society University Research Fellowship 11 September
UK (EEA/Swiss) 5 years Host institution needs the application in earlier - contact them
Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship ~ January UK (EEA/Swiss) 4 years

requiring flexible working need

Royal Society Newton International Fellowship ~ April UK (non-UK citizen) 2 years
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship opens 2 Jan 2014
UK (UK degree/position) 3 years requires matched funding
Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship 2014 round closed UK (UK resident) 3-24 months
Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grant anytime for initial application. Detailed apps due 1 Sep, 1 Dec, 21 Mar
UK 2-3 years salary NOT funded, contract must span award duration request
Royal Commission Research Fellowships in Science and Engineering ~ February UK (not PhD institution) 3 years
NERC Independent Research Fellowships 1 October 2013
UK 5 years (3-year fellowships closed until next round)
EPSRC Fellowship anytime, see calls
UK various theme-related research
STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship 26 September
UK 5 years Host institution will need your application earlier - contact them
Paul Instrument Fund (Royal Society)
16 October
1-3 years
design and construct novel instrumentation
Brian Mercer Feasibility/Innovation Award (Royal Society)
feasibility: currently open
up to 12 months
to investigate feasibility of commercialising your research
Daiwa Adrian Prize
next deadline mid-2016
UK-Japan collab.
To recognise excellent science partnerships between UK and Japan. Cash prize for continued research collab.
Rolex Awards for Enterprise
May, 2013/14 round closed
2 years
Must be aged 18-30
RSE/STFC Enterprise Fellowship 17 May 2013
UK 1 year commercial exploitation
AXA Postdoctoral Fellowship closed for 2013: link now gives general AXA funding info
UK 24 months College Scheme
RAS Research Fellowships

18 October 2013 (9am)

3 years

RAS Sir Norman Lockyer Fellowships 18 October 2013 (9am) UK 3 years normally aged 30 or under at 1 October
Marie Curie Fellowships
14 August 2013
held in EU member state or associated
1-3 years
incoming or outgoing - see mobility rules
Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Funding Schemes March 2013
Ireland 2 years various schemes (IRCSET and IRCHSS merged, so these schemes are all new)
NASA Postdoctoral Program 1 Mar, 1 Jul, 1 Nov
USA (J-1 Visa or US citizen/ permanent resident) 1-3 years
Giacconi Fellowship ~ November
USA 1+2 years
Hubble Fellowship ~ November USA 1+2 years
Einstein Fellowship ~ November
USA 1+2 years
Carl Sagan Fellowship ~ November USA 1+2 years
Lindemann Trust  Fellowships
18 February
approx 1 year
British/Commonwealth citizens currently resident in UK only. Must have gained PhD on or after September 2010.
Royal Society JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship 28 February
Japan (EU/UK) 1-2 years
JAXA International Top Young Fellowship 31 August 2013
Japan 3 years (extendable to 5) Suggests knowledge of Japanese language ideal though experience shows it is not essential
ESO Fellowship Programme 15 October 2013
Chile/Germany 1-4 years
Humboldt Research Fellowship anytime Germany 6-24 months
ERC Starting Grants (Horizon 2020) next call towards end of 2013, for 2014 round
EU member/associated state 5 years Within 2-7 years of PhD award
Oskar Klein Fellowships 2 December Stockholm, Sweden 2 years Within 3 years of PhD award (exceptions to this considered)
NWO Innovational Research Incentives Scheme 3 Jan 2013 (Veni)
Oct 2013 (Vidi)
28 March 2013 (Vici)
Netherlands various Veni is for starting postdocs, Vidi for more experienced postdocs and Vici for established scientists (approximately)
NWO Rubicon Programme 4 Sep 2013
Netherlands 2 years
ESA Research Fellowship in Space Science 1 October 2013
Spain/Netherlands (ESA member/associated states) 2 years
Ramon y Cajal Fellowships calls typically around March - contact host organisation Spain 5 years Senior postdoc fellowships. Each institute may have their own internal deadline. Can lead to tenure.
Juan de la Cierva Fellowships calls typically around March - contact host organisation
Spain 3 years Junior postdoc fellowships. Each institute may have their own internal deadline
Beatriu de Pinos Fellowships host submits between 9-30 September 2013
Spain - contact host institution first
2 years Must not have worked in Spain for past 2 yrs. PhD must be gained from Jan 2007 to Dec 2011 (unless exceptional circumstances)
UvA MacGillavry Fellowship 15 February 2013
Netherlands 6 years women only, tenure-track
Rosalind Franklin Fellowship December 2014
Netherlands 6 years women only, tenure-track
L'Oreal-UNESCO For Women In Science programme opens 1 Feb 2014
UK/Ireland 1 year women only, salary NOT funded
STFC Return to Research Bursary anytime
UK 6 months or less following a career break, salary NOT funded
Daphne Jackson Trust fellowship anytime UK (UK resident) 2 years part-time following a career break

last updated 17 October 2013, Rhaana Starling

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