NAM 2013 brown dwarf session (22) programme

Tuesday 2nd July

Parallel session C: School 2

Chair: Christiane Helling

10.00 Review of brown dwarf observations Sarah Casewell

10.25 Testing atmospheric models with new benchmarks from UKIDSS Ben Burningham

10.40 Extrasolar climate-change: Searching for secular variability on brown dwarfs Fraser Clarke

10.55 Brown dwarfs of the Galactic halo Zenghua Zhang

11.15-11.45 Coffee

Parallel session D: School 2

Chair: Sarah Casewell

11.45 Clean and Clear - A new sample of brown dwarfs in Upper Scorpius Paul Dawson

12.00 Proto-brown dwarf detected with WISE and JCMT Basmah Riaz

12.15 A new pre-main sequence, low mass, double lined eclipsing binary with evidence of a circumbinary disk Ed Gillen

12.30 A very large homogenous sample of brown dwarfs Nathalie Skrzypek

12.45 Finding unresolved brown dwarfs and exoplanet companions to M dwarfs using mid-IR excess Neil Cook

Parallel session E: School 2

Chair: Sarah Casewell

16.30 New aspect of brown dwarf atmospheres revealed with AKARI Satoko Sorahana

16.55 Electrostatic break-down in thermally unionised, ultra-cool atmospheres Christiane Helling

17.10 The effects of extensive air showers in a model brown dwarf atmosphere Paul Rimmer

17.25 The effects of M dwarf magnetic fields on potentially habitable planets Aline Vidotto


Rarities and Mysteries: Low-mass eclipsing binaries identified with SuperWASP Marcus Lohr

Why BDs are special - observational evidence Vs IMF theory Ingo Thies

Characterizing magnetized atmospheric in very low mass objects Maria Isabel Rodriguez Barrera

Observation vs. theory: testing the synthetic IR colours of young very low mass stars/brown dwarfs Jonathan Tottle

Stellar environments and the potential for planet formation around solar-type stars and brown dwarfs Carla Natario

The sub-stellar birth rate from UKIDSS Avril Day-Jones

First search for photometric variability at the T/Y transition Paul Anthony Wilson

Origin of electron cyclotron maser-induced radio emissions at ultracool dwarfs: magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling currents Jonathan Nichols

Variability analysis of YSOs in the Carina Nebula Gabor Kovacs

The impact of M dwarf atmosphere modelling on planet detection Inna Bozhinova

Surface gravity and age in late-type brown dwarfs James Canty

Probing the importance of rotational time-scales in accretion variability Grainne Costigan

A new proper motion catalogue for cool star science Leigh Smith



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