University of Leicester physicists bring the aurora to schools

Scientists in the Radio and Space Plasma Physics group have produced a Planeterrella and accompanying set of talks and demonstrations that can be taken to schools in the area, for spectacular demonstrations of the aurora in the classroom.

The University of Leicester has a modern day reproduction of a classic experiment performed by one of the pioneering scientists in the field of auroral studies - the Planeterrella. We would like to give the pupils at your school the chance to see the auroral lights themselves. The Planeterrella consists of a small vacuum chamber within which we recreate auroral lights around magnetic spheres, and visualise cosmic phenomena. 

The Planeterrella is available for free demonstrations at your school. Scientists from the University of Leicester's Department of Physics & Astronomy will bring the Planeterrella to your school, and exhibit it together with a presentation on auroral lights, and Birkeland’s heroic expedition to the arctic. There will also be inspiring hand-held magnetic field demonstrations for the audience to handle.

For further information, visit the Planeterrella website.


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