List of Participants


Crab Nebula


Organising Committee

Kate Dutson - University of Leicester
Edward Martin - University of York


Philip Adsley - University of York

Charles Akers - University of York

Mohamed Ali - University of Leeds

Oliver Burrow - University of Liverpool

Amy Cottle - Oxford University

Jo Darling - University of Liverpool

Jonathan Davies - University College London 

Angeliki Kalogirou - Durham University

Lu Lu - University of Leeds

Foteini Oikonomou - University College London 

Simon Preval - University of Leicester

Tom Richardson - King's College London

Matt Taggart - University of York 

Jessica Tomlinson - University of York

Carine Tsimba Nsangu - University of York

Adam Tuff - University of York

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The 2018 Ernest Rutherford Fellowships round is now open for applications. Further details on the process of applying for an ERF in the Department of Physics and Astronomy can be found here.

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