Time Event
11.30 Registration
12.00 Lunch
12.30  An Introduction to APP
Prof Jim Hinton 
12.50 Meeting Photograph 
13.00 Kate Dutson
A Stacked Analysis of Cluster-centre AGN with Fermi-LAT Data 
13.20 Jo Darling
Effects of Polarisation on the Small-Sized Telescope Performance for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
13.40  Oliver Burrow
A Terrestrial Search for Dark Contents of the Vacuum and Dark Energy, Using Atom Interferometry 

Fotini Oikonomou

A search for correlation of the highest energy cosmic rays with nearby luminous matter

14.20  Lu Lu
Mass Composition Studies of UHECR with the Surface Detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory 
14.40  Mohamed Ali
Fermi-LAT Observations of the Galaxy Cluster Hydra A 
15.00 Tom Richardson
Utilising Higher Order Moments in the Jeans Analysis 

Jonathan Davies

The Askaryan Radio Array - Detecting GZK neutrinos using the Antarctic Ice Sheet 

15.40 Coffee Break 
16.00 Edward Martin
TACTIC : The TRIUMF Annular Chamber for Tracking and Identification of Charged Particles
16.20 Jessica Tomlinson
Indirect Measurements of the I18 F(a,p)21Ne Reaction with TUDA 
16.40 Carine Tsimba Nsangu
12C + 12 C Fusion Reaction at Low Energies 

Matt Taggart

S-process abundances: How small cross section measurements can have large effects


Charles Akers 

Measuring the 18F(p,g)19Ne reaction at TRIUMF

17.40 Adam Tuff
A Study of Key States in 22Mg Contributing to Breakout from the Hot-CNO Cycle in X-ray Bursters 
18.00 Philip Adsley
Using SHARC and TIGRESS to Investigate Astrophysical Reaction Rates 

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