PhD Projects for 2020

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A wide range of opportunities exist within the School of Physics and Astronomy with start dates in Autumn 2020.

The list of projects below is broken down by funding opportunities, from STFC, the ERC, and our NERC Training Alliance (CENTA).

For information on how to apply to STFC-funded projects, please visit:

For information on applying for CENTA-funded projects, please visit:

For a full list of opportunities, please visit the following link and navigate to the College of Science and Engineering:


STFC Funding:

Professor Tim Yeoman and Dr Darren Wright
GEO 2020 YEO2: Ultra-low frequency waves in the terrestrial magnetosphere

Prof Tim Yeo and Adrian Martindale
GEO 2020 YEO1: Interactions between Mercury’s surface and its dynamic space environment

Professor Steve Milan and Dr Suzie Imber
GEO 2020 MIL: Electrodynamics of the solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere-atmosphere coupled system

Dr Richard Alexander and Dr Chris Nixon
AST 2020 ALE: Understanding planetary building blocks

Professor Martin Barstow and Dr Sarah Casewell
AST 2020 BAR: White dwarfs, exoplanets and fundamental physics

Professor Andrew Blain and Professor Nial Tanvir
AST 2020 BLA: Smoke and mirrors: the driving forces in extreme galaxies

Professor John Bridges 
AST 2020 BRI: Hayabusa2: Sample Return from a C-type Asteroid

Professor Sergei Nayakshin and Dr Jonathan Nichols
AST 2020 NAY: Giant planet and Solar System formation through ALMA eyes

Dr Chris Nixon and Dr Siomon Vaughan
AST 2020 NIX: Black hole, planets and dynamic accretion discs in astrophysics

Professor Paul O'Brien and Professor Julian Osborne
AST 2020 OBR: The Transient science revolution

Dr Rhaana Starling and Professor Nial Tanvir
AST 2020 STA1: Characterisation of energetic transients across the spectrum

Dr Tom Stallard and Professor Emma Bunce
AST 2020 STA2: Jupiter’s infrared aurora and ionosphere

Dr Leigh Fletcher and Dr Jonathan Nichols
ATM 2020 FLE: Circulation of the Giant Planets from Infrared Remote Sensing

Dr Jonathan Nichols and Dr Tom Stallard
AST 2020 NIC: Magnetospheric dynamics at Jupiter


ERC Funding:

Supervisor: Dr Eloise Marais
2 x 3.5 year ERC UpTrop project: A big data virtual investigation of chemistry in the upper troposphere

Deadline: 29th February 2020


CENTA Funding:

Supervisor: Professor Hartmut Boesch
CENTA2-PHYS1-BOES: Diagnosing the Urban Carbon Cycle with Earth Observation

Supervisor: Dr Eloise Marais
CENTA2-PHYS2-MARA1: Are Rockets the Next Air Pollution Frontier?

Supervisor: Dr Eloise Marais
CENTA2-PHYS3-MARA2: Eyes in the Sky on the Volatile Soup of Air Pollution Down Below

Supervisor: Professor Stephen Milan
CENTA2-PHYS4-MILA: Investigations of atmospheric gravity waves with SuperDARN

Supervisor: Dr Joshua Vande Hey
CENTA2-PHYS5-VAND1: Smarter analysis of satellite data for air quality regulators

Supervisor: Dr Joshua Vande Hey
CENTA2-PHYS6-VAND2: A multi-observational approach to understanding urban air quality in Kenya

Supervisor: Dr Darren Wright
CENTA2-PHYS7-WRIG: Solar energy input from the Earth’s magnetosphere to its atmosphere

Supervisor: Professor Tim Yeoman
CENTA2-PHYS8-YEOM: Investigating space weather in the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere with induction coil magnetometer data

Supervisor: Dr Suzie Imber
CENTA2-PHYS9-IMBE: Geomagnetically Induced Currents generated by Space Weather Events

Supervisor: Dr Alessandro Battaglia
CENTA2-PHYS10-BATT1: Chasing convective storm evolution with swarms of space-borne Ka-band radars

Supervisor: Professor John Remedios
CENTA2-PHYS11-REME: Using Novel Earth Observation Sensors to Map Aerosol particles and Air Quality over Cities

Supervisor: Dr Jeremy Harrison
CENTA2-NCEO1-HARR1:  Towards improved weather forecasting via IASI satellite observations of carbon dioxide

Supervisor: Dr Jeremy Harrison
CENTA2-NCEO2-HARR2:  The Retrieval of Atmospheric Isoprene from Satellite INstruments (RAISIN)

Supervisor: Professor Hartmut Boesch
CENTA2-NCEO4-BOES: Improving Key Carbon Cycle Processes in Climate Models Using Satellite Observations

Supervisor: Dr Darren Ghent
CENTA2-NCEO3-GHEN:  Improving temperature observations from Space to close the energy budget of the Earth in support of UNFCCC objectives and the Paris Agreement

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