Dr Tessa Webb

Associate Professor
Dr Tessa Webb

Email: tmw3@le.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)116 229 7216
Fax: +44 (0)116 229 7196

George Davies Centre
The School of Psychology
University of Leicester

Personal details

  • PhD University of Leicester
  • Vision and Language research group

School of Psychology roles and activities

  • Academic Director: Psychology Undergraduate Programmes.
  • AccessAbility Tutor
  • Senior Tutor

Professional activities

  • Editorial Board: Open Journal of Educational Psychology


My teaching is across all three years of the course. In terms of 1st yr modules I've lectured on topics related to applied and social psychology as well as more general topics related to studying psychology. In terms of 3rd yr modules I lecture on topics related to cognitive psychology such as reading behaviour. I also work with 3rd yr students, helping them through the process of conducting their large scale research project.


Webb, T.M., Beech, J. R., Mayall, K. A. & Andrews, A. S. (2006). It's what's on the outside that matters: An advantage for external features in children's word recognition. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 94, 163-181.

Webb, T. M. (2009). How we read. Junior Education Plus, 9, 554.

Webb, T. M., Mayall, K. A. & Beech, J. R. (under review). Confounded age of acquisition: is there a frequency by regularity interaction in reading development after all?

April 2009, EPS Leicester Meeting
Presentation Title: Is the locus of the AoA effect lexical or semantic in nature?

May 2009, Doctoral inaugaral lecture, Leicester University
Presentation Title: What impact does the age we learn words have on reading?


Psychology of reading  especially processes involved in single visual word recognition, impact of visual features on words, processing of SMS text, children's reading and reading development.

Pedagogical research in a higher education context: Use of handouts to assist lecture based learning, use of feedforward comments in feedback, student understanding of ‘independent learning’ in HE, Student engagement.

Research group and funding

I am a member of the Vision and Language group.

I am also a member of PED-R (Pedagogical Research Group) which is a cross-department group and ELF (Education and Learning Forum) based in the department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour.


Paterson, K. B., & Webb, T. (2005-2006). £7,476 awarded by the Nuffield Social Science Small Grants scheme to study "Age-of-Acquisition effects in visual word recognition".

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