Dr Stephen Melluish

Director of Clinical Practice (DClin Psy Programme) & Consultant Clinical Psychologist


Community psychology and it's applications within mental health
Experiences of migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum
Culture and mental health
Global Mental Health
Help-seeking pathways in  primary care and mental health.


Recent Publications

Melluish, S. , Castro Romero, M and Lorenzo Ruiz, A. (In press) Special Issue - Decolonisation and Mental Health: Perspectives from Latin America. International Review of Psychiatry

Melluish, S. & Burgess, G.H. (In press)  Special Issue - Global Mental Health: Training in an International Context. International Journal of Mental Health.

Appleton, P and Melluish, S (In press) The effect of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) on carers of people with mental/physical health problems or learning disabilities. Mental Health Practice.

Morgan,G., Melluish, S. and Welham, A. (2017) Seeking asylum: Exploring the relationship between post-migratory stressors and mental health for asylum seekers and refused asylum seekers in the UK. Transcultural Psychiatry,0, 1-22

Melluish, S. (2017). Compassionate Solidarity: drawing links between the work of David Smail and Cuban psychology. Clinical Psychology Forum Special Issue- Power, Interest and Psychology, 297, 18-22.

Gallagher, C, Melluish, S. and Lofgren, S. (2017). Exploring the experience of Polish interpreters who interpret for mental health clinicians in the UK: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. International Journal of Culture and Mental Health. Volume 10, Issue 3, 338-346.

Kapasi, Z. and Melluish, S. (2015) Language switching by bilingual therapists and its impact on the therapeutic alliance within psychological therapy with bilingual clients: a systematic review. International Journal of Culture and Mental Health, Volume 8, Issue 4, 458-477.

Melluish, S, Latchford, G. Marks, S.  (2015) The international context of British clinical psychology. Chapter in Hall. J., Pilgrim, D. ad Turpin, G. Clinical Psychology in Britain: Historical Perspectives. HoPC Monograph. London: British psychological Society.

  • Tribe, R and Melluish, S. (2014), Special Issue:  Globalisation, Culture and Mental Health. International Review of Psychiatry, 26,5, 535-537.

  • Melluish, S. (2014) Globalisation, Culture and Psychology. International Review of Psychiatry, 26,5, 538-543..

    Castro, M. and Melluish, S. (2014). Cuban Internationalism – another form of globalisation? International Review of Psychiatry, 26,5, 595-601.

    Joubert, E. and Melluish,S, (2014). Considering anabolic androgenic steroid use in relation to non-substance related diagnostic categories with special emphasis on eating disorders; a systematic review. Journal of Substance Use. Published online on November 6, 2014 (doi:10.3109/14659891.2014.977974).

    Bassey, S and Melluish, S. (2013) Cultural Competency for Practitioners in Mental Health: A Review of the Literature.  Counselling Psychology Quarterly, Volume 26, Number 2, 151-173.

  • Bassey, S and Melluish, S. (2012) Cultural competence in the experiences of IAPT therapists newly trained to deliver Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy: A Template Analysis Focus Study. Counselling Psychology Quarterly, Volume 25, Number 3, 1, pp. 223-238

  • Melluish, S., Burton, M., Corral Ruso, R., Dominguez-Suarez, N and Torralbas Fernadez, A. (2011). Psychology in Cuba. International Journal of Cuban Studies, Vol 3, No 4, 246-365.

    Melluish, S and Latchford, G ( Eds). (2010) Special Issue; International Perspectives in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Psychology Forum, 215.

    Latchford, G, Graber, R,. and Melluish, S. (2010)  The PsychMap website: using technology to  support international collaboration, Clinical Psychology Forum, 215.

    Graber, R, Latchford, G. and Melluish, S.  (2009) (poster) PsychMap: Clinical Psychology Training across the World British Psychological Society Annual Conference

    Melluish, S. , Crossley, J and Tweed, A. (2007). An evaluation of the use simulated patient role-plays in the teaching and assessment of clinical consultation skills in clinical psychologists’ training. Psychology, Learning and Teaching Vol 7.


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