Professor Paul J B Hart

Emeritus Professor, PhD

PaulHart.jpg Email:

Tel: +44 (0)116 2523348

Room 232,
Adrian Building
Department of Neuroscience, Psychology & Behaviour,
University of Leicester,

Research Interests and Techniques

The ecology and management of fisheries, with special reference to inshore and crab fisheries. I use individual based modelling to explore the mechanisms that drive the fishery or the ecology of the stock being exploited.

Recent Publications

Hart PJB (2021) Handing power to fishers could lead to more sustainable fishing. The Conversation, 9th March 2021.

Hart, PJB (2021). Stewards of the sea. Giving power to fishers. Marine Policy, Volume 126, 104421.

Pearson, E., Hunter, E., Steer, A., Arscott, K. and Hart PJB (2020). Fishermen and scientists in the same boat. A story of collaboration in the UK south Devon crab fishery. In Holm, P., Mackinson, SJ and Hadjamichael, M. (eds). Collaborative research in fisheries. Co-creating knowledge for fisheries governance in Europe.  Springer. Chapter 3.

Kraak, SBM and Hart PJB (2019) Creating a Breeding Ground for Compliance and Honest Reporting Under the Landing Obligation: Insights from Behavioural Science. In S. S. Uhlmann et al. (eds.), The European Landing Obligation, Springer, Ch 11, 219 – 235.

Hart PJB (2019) Fish Feeding and Foraging,  Encyclopaedia of Ocean Sciences (3rd Edition), Vol 2: 175 – 181.

Bergman, E. Norrgård, JR. Piccolo, JJ. Gustafsson, P,.Nilsson, F.  & Hart, PJB. (2014) Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout in Lake Vänern: A proposal for a co-management system. Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management, 17, 365-373

Hart, PJB, Bergman, E, Calles, O, Eriksson, S, Gustafsson, S, Lans, L, Norrgård, JR, Piccolo, JJ, Rees, N, Watz, J, Österling, M and Greenberg LA. (2014) Familiarity with a partner facilitates the movement of drift foraging juvenile grayling (Thymallus thymallus) into a new habitat area. Environmental Biology of Fishes, 97, Special Issue, 515-522

Hart P.J.B. (2013) Fish Feeding and Foraging, Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences, Elsevier, 2013. doi: 10.1016/B978-0-12-409548-9.04097-5.

Kraak, SBM and Hart PJB (2011) Modelling sympatric speciation by means of biologically plausible mechanistic processes as exemplified by threespine stickleback species pairs. Organisms Diversity & Evolution,  11,  287-306

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Hart PJB and eight others. (2008) Reconciling Fisheries with Conservation: Any Progress Here? American Fisheries Society Symposium 49:1931–1946.

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Araújo, J. N., Mackinson, S. Stanford, R. J., Sims, D. W., Southward, A. J., Hawkins, S. J., Ellis, J. R. Hart P. J. B. (2006) Modelling food web interactions, variation in plankton production, and fisheries in the Western English Channel ecosystem. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 309, 175 – 187

Blyth-Skyrme, R. E; Kaiser, M. J; Hiddink, J;  Edwards-Jones G; Hart P. J.B. (2006) Conservation Benefits of Temperate Marine Protected Areas: Variation among Fish Species. Conservation Biology, 20, 811-820

Blyth, RE, Kaiser, MJ, Edwards-Jones, G. and Hart PJB. (2004) Implications of a zoned fishery management system for marine benthic communities. Journal of Applied Ecology. 41, 951–961


Professional Activities

Co-editor of the journal Fish and Fisheries published by Wiley Blackwell.

Editor of the Newsletter of the Fisheries Society of the British Isles.

Trustee of the Marine Biological Association of the UK.

Trustee of the Secchi Disk Foundation

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