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My research interests have been varied but the key commonality has been that much of it has focused on medical education or training. My clinical research has focused on service perceptions and developments. An important part of my work is my clinical role as a child and adolescent psychiatrist which strongly influences both my educational and research interests.



Lead for integrating diversity through the medical undergraduate curriculum
Advisor to the Pastoral Support Unit


Course Director: MSc/PGDip/PGCert Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

PhD Supervisor


Social media and adolescent mental health: A preliminary qualitative exploration of the potential use of social media for promoting mental health and wellbeing among 12-18 year olds. Wellcome Trust £25,000 (2015-2017)

The Patient Voice in Cultural Diversity Training for Patient Centered Outcomes Researchers funded by Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) $178 571 2016-2017 (Consortium led by University of Maryland)

Erasmus Mobility Award to Teach Diversity to Spanish Nursing Undergraduate Students, University of Navarra, Spain (2017-2018)

The teaching and assessment of triadic communication (with the University of Cambridge) OSCE to assess skills managing diverse patients

Integrating diversity into professionalism and communication skills teaching


Chair of Diversity in Medicine and Health ( (Informally led organization from 2011-2014, formally chair 2014-2017 finish term in October 2017

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, Royal College of Psychiatrists (2016-date)

Treasurer of Association of University Teachers in Psychiatry (2009-date)


Journal Articles


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Recent books

  1. Dogra N, Parkin A, Gale F & Frake C (under revision) A multidisciplinary handbook of child and adolescent mental health for front-line professionals. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London 3rd edition commissioned
  2. Wright B, Dave S & Dogra N (2017) 100 cases in psychiatry. Hodder Stoughton: London, 2nd edition
  3. O’Reilly & Dogra N (2016) Interviewing children: a practical guide, Sage: London
  4. Dogra N, Cooper S & Lunn B (2016) Ten teachers: Psychiatry. Hodder Stoughton: London (co wrote six chapters) 2nd edition
  5. O’Reilly M, Ronzoni P & Dogra N (2013) Research with children. Sage: London

Chapters since 2012

  1. Dogra N, Vostanis P & Karnik N (in press) Child and adolescent psychiatric disorders In Bhugra D & Bhui K (eds), 2nd edition: Text book of cultural psychiatry Editors Bhugra D and Bhui K. Cambridge University Press, pp 301-313
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