Dr Melissa Trotman

Research Associate
PhD Cell Physiology and Pharmacology (Neuroscience & Behaviour), University of Leicester - In Progress (2014)
BSc Biological Sciences, University of Leicester (2009)

e-mail : mt307@le.ac.uk
telephone : +44 (0)116 229 5753

Room 307b,
Medical Sciences Building
The School of Psychology
University of Leicester


I am currently working with Dr Claire Gibson as her Research Associate in the area of Behavioural neuroscience.  

Research interests:

Neuroscience, Neuropathophysiology, Animal models of Stroke, Acute Cerebral Ischaemia, NMDA receptors, P2 Receptors, Glutamate Signalling, Excitotoxicity, ATP signalling, Calcium Signalling Cascades and role in cell death, Necrotic Neuronal and Astrocytic Cell Death, Steroid hormones in cerebral ischemia. 


Conference Abstracts

Trotman M, Gibson C & Fern R (2013) Investigating the effect of NMDA receptor antagonism, using Memantine Hydrochloride, on ischaemic cell death. University of Leicester Neuroscience and Behaviour Symposium (March 2013) & UK preclinical stroke symposium (June 2013).


Trotman M, Gibson C & Fern R (2012) The P2 receptor antagonist PPADS reduces cell death during OGD in both neurons and astrocytes in a co-culture system. University of Leicester Neuroscience & Behaviour Symposium (May 2012) & 8th FENS Forum of Neuroscience (July 2012).  

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