Kevin Paterson

Professor of Experimental Psychology

Pic_Kevin_PatersonContact details:

Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour
University of Leicester
George Davies Centre (GDC)
University Road
Leicester, LE1 7RH
Tel: 0116 229 7179
Twitter: @kbp3


I have an MA (hons), first class, in Psychology, and a PhD in Psychology, from the University of Glasgow.



My research is focused on the psychology and cognitive neuroscience of visual cognition and reading. I use a combination of eye movement recording and electroencephalography (EEG) to study mechanisms that underlie our ability to read and understand written language. I conduct this research collaboratively, within the UK and internationally, to investigate reading across the lifespan and in different writing systems, including Arabic, Chinese, English and Mongolian.


I contribute to teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, focusing on topics related to visual cognition, the psychology of language, reading development, ageing effects on visual cognition and reading, and quantitative research methods and statistics.



  • McGowan, V.A., Cutter, M., & Paterson, K.B. (2021). Reading words of out order: investigating flexible word order processing during reading. British Academy small grant.
  • Gunn, S.C., Mukaetova-Ladinska, E., Robinson,T., Panerai, R., & Paterson, K.B. (2020). Cardiovascular health and cognitive wellbeing. University of Leicester 10x10 Challenge Fund.
  • Filik, R., & Paterson, K.B. (2019-2022). Examining the causes and consequences of "risky" reading in older adults. The Leverhulme Trust.
  • Paterson, K.B., & Pagan, A. (2019). Experimental Psychology Society Undergraduate Research Bursary.
  • Paterson , K.B., & White, S.J. (2018-2020). Pioneering a new method for investigating the neural correlates of ageing effects during natural reading. Economic and Social Research Council: Transformative Research Call.
  • White, S.J., Paterson, K.B., & Reichle, E.D. (2018-2021). Revealing the implications of reading strategy for reading behaviour and comprehension. Economic and Social Research Council.
  • Hutchinson, C., Paterson, K.B., & Mukaetova-Ladinska, E. (2018-2021). Understanding the impact of visual impairment on life with dementia. Alzheimers Society.
  • Paterson, K.B., & Bai. X. (2016). UK/China Researcher Links workshop grant on "Improving Literacy: Understanding Reading Development and Reading Difficulties Across the Lifespan". British Council/Newton Fund/CNSF.
  • Paterson, K.B., White, S.J., & Warrington, K. (2016). Newton Fund PhD Placement Grant.
  • Paterson, K.B., Hutchinson, C., White, S.J., & Gottlob, I. (2016). Using eye movements to assess reading behaviour for typically-developing and visually-impaired readers. DARO Development Fund.
  • Paterson, K.B., Hutchinson, C., White, S.J., & Gottlob, I. (2016). Revealing the role of visual crowding in reading difficulty across the lifespan. Freemasons Grand Charity.
  • Paterson, K.B., & White, S.J. (2015-2018). Revealing effects of ageing on parafoveal processing during reading. The Leverhulme Trust.
  • Paterson, K.B. (2015). Experimental Psychology Society Undergraduate Research Bursary.
  • Paterson, K.B. (2014). Wellcome Trust Bio-Medical Vacation Scholarship.
  • Hutchinson, C.V., Paterson, K.B., & Maltby, J. (2014). Reading between the lines of visual discomfort in CFS/ME. ME Research UK.
  • Paterson, K.B., White, S.W., & Gottlob, I. (2014). Eye movement behaviour of older readers: Visual processing of words. Joint funding from Ulverscroft Large-Print Publishers and the European Regional Development Fund.
  • Paterson, K.B. (2013). Wellcome Trust Bio-Medical Vacation Scholarship.
  • Paterson, K.B. (2013). Revealing a role for word shape in older adults' word recognition and reading. The British Academy.
  • Paterson, K.B., Filik, R., & Maltby, J.M. (2011-2013). Improving secondary school students’ science text comprehension. The Leverhulme Trust.
  • Paterson, K.B. (2011-2012). British Academy Mid-Career Research Fellowship: Assessing older adults' use of basic visual cues during reading. The British Academy.
  • White, S.J., & Paterson, K.B. (2011-2014). College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology College PhD Studentship, University of Leicester.
  • Jordan, T.R., & Paterson, K.B. (2008-2011). Developing practical solutions to reading impairments. The Ulverscroft Foundation.

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