Emeritus & Honorary Staff in Neuroscience, Psychology & Behaviour

Emeritus Professors/Readers

Name Position e-mail address Room Telephone
Annett, Dr Marian
Emeritus Reader doc@le.ac.uk
Bull, Professor Ray
Emeritus Professor rhb10@le.ac.uk
Davies, Professor Graham
Emeritus Professor gmd@le.ac.uk
Hart, Professor Paul Emeritus Professor pbh@le.ac.uk ADR 232 252 3348
Hollin, Professor Clive Emeritus Professor crh9@le.ac.uk
Lansdale, Professor Mark Emeritus Professor ml195@le.ac.uk
Stammers, Professor Rob
Emeritus Professor rbs3@le.ac.uk
Wang, Professor Michael Emeritus Professor mw125@le.ac.uk

University Fellows and Honorary Visiting Staff

Name Position e-mail address Room Telephone
Abdul-Hussein, Dr Sajida Honorary Visiting Fellow sa227@le.ac.uk
Aggleton, Professor J Honorary Professor
Alladin, Waseem Honorary Lecturer wja3@le.ac.uk
Banerjee, Dr Anil Honorary Senior Lecturer
Banerjee, Dr Somnath Honorary Lecturer
Barber, Dr Iain Honorary Associate Professor


Birkett-Swan, Dr Louise Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher
Bloxham, Dr C Honorary Visiting Fellow
Bonas, Dr Sheila Honorary Lecturer sb162@le.ac.uk
Boon, Dr Julian Honorary Senior Lecturer boo@le.ac.uk
Brainerd, Professor C J Honorary Professor
Bunker, Dr Nic Honorary Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Chaure, Fernando Visiting Fellow


Clarke, Dr David Honorary Lecturer
Colley, Professor Ann Honorary Professor aoc@le.ac.uk
Crossley, Jon Honorary Lecturer jpc18@le.ac.uk GDC 5.04 252 5861
Dale, Dr. Maria Honorary Lecturer md352@le.ac.uk
Duckworth, Dr Kate Honorary Clinical Tutor cd32@le.ac.uk GDC 5.13 252 5481
Elliott, Dr Suzanne Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher
Elsahn, Dr Ahmad Honorary Lecturer ae184@le.ac.uk
Empeslidis, Mr Theo
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer (Consultant Ophthalmologist) te61@le.ac.uk
Furniss, Dr Fred Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher fgf1@le.ac.uk
Goodwin, Dr Anwen Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher
Glynn, Dr Paul Honorary Lecturer pg8@le.ac.uk
294 4656
Grant, Dr Cathy Honorary Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Hassan, Dr Sajida Honorary Visiting Fellow sa227@le.ac.uk
Horn, Dr Kate Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher
Jackson, Mrs Jules Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher
Knight, Dr Caroline Honorary Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Knight, Dr Sarah Jane Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher
Kurtz, Dr Arabella Honorary Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
ak106@le.ac.uk GDC 5.09 223 1645
Laher, Dr Aftab Honorary Lecturer al21@le.ac.uk
Lawes, Dr Ginny Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher
McNicholl, Dr Declan Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher
Melluish, Dr Stephen Honorary Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
sjm36@le.ac.uk GDC 5.07 223 1623
Mourao, Dr Flavio Honorary Visiting Fellow
Navajas Ahumada, Dr Joaquin Honorary Visiting Fellow


O'Connor, Mr Brendan Honorary Visiting Fellow
O'Keeffe, Dr John Honorary Visiting Fellow jok3@le.ac.uk
O'Reilly, Ms Mary Honorary Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Patel, Dr Aarti Honorary Fellow ap552@le.ac.uk
Pilat, Dr Anastasia Honorary Clinical Lecturer
Prydal, Dr Jeremy Honorary Reader jp409@le.ac.uk
Rayna, Professor V F Honorary Professor
Round, Dr Dominic Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher dr59@le.ac.uk
Rufai, Sohaib Honorary Fellow sr437@le.ac.uk
Sampath, Dr R Honorary Associate Professor
Shimozaki, Dr Steve Honorary Fellow ss991@le.ac.uk
Sims, Dr Patrick Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher
Snell, Dr Tori Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher vs170@le.ac.uk
Stewart, Dr Inga Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher
Stubbendorff, Dr Christine Honorary Fellow cc368@le.ac.uk
Thomas, Dr Mervyn Honorary Visiting Clinical Fellow mt350@le.ac.uk
Turner, Dr Keith Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher
Vesey, Dr Patrick Honorary Clinical Psychology Teacher
Xue, Prof Sui Honorary Visiting Fellow xs98@le.ac.uk
Zimmerman, Mr Federico Honorary Visiting Fellow fgzm1@le.ac.uk

*"Room" denotes the building and room number within the building :
ADR - Adrian Building
MSB  - Maurice Shock Medical Sciences Building, University Road
GDC - George Davies Centre* formerly known as Centre for Medicine (CfM)
RKCSB - Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building
- For staff at the Greenwood Institute of Child Health , please see the staff member web page.

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