Professor Graham Davies

Emeritus Professor
DSc, University of Hull

Professor Graham Davies Research group: N/A
Tel: +44 (0)116 252 5710
Fax: +44 (0)116 223 1325

106 New Walk
The School of Psychology
University of Leicester

Research Group and Funding

Grants from SSRC; ESRC; Home Office Research Department; Home Office Scientific Research and Development Branch; Scottish Home and Health Department, Home Office Research and Planning Unit.

Grants have dealt with various aspects of eyewitness testimony and identification, e.g.
(1) Photofit system;
(2) Fundamental research on face identification processes,
(3) Children as Witnesses,
(4) Training in and evaluation of investigative interviewing.
(5) Facilitating children's evidence at court.
(6) Guidelines for investigative interviewers.

Recent Publications

Perceiving and Remembering Faces (Academic Press, 1981, with Ellis and Shepherd)
Identification Evidence: A Psychological Perspective (Pergamon, 1982, with Shepherd and Ellis)
Memory in Context (Wiley, 1989, with Thomson)
Memory in Everyday Life (Elsevier, 1994, with Logie)
Recovered Memories: Seeking the Middle Ground (Wiley, 2001, with Dalgleish)
Children's Testimony (2002, with Westcott and Bull)
Practical Psychology for Forensic Investigators (Wiley 2006, with Kebbell)
Forensic Psychology (Wiley 2008, with Hollin and Bull)
Current issues in applied memory research (Pychology Press, 2009 with Wright); Forensic Psychology: Crime, justice, law interventions (Wiley, 2012 with Beech)

and over 100 articles in refereed journals.

Reports for the Home Office on the Livelink (CCTV) system (1991); the videotaping of children's evidence (1995); the training needs of police officers involved in child abuse investigations (1998) and Editor of Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings: Guidance for Vulnerable or Intimidated Witnesses (Including Children) (Home Office, 2002). Founding Editor: Applied Cognitive Psychology, 1986-date.

Professional Activities


National Science Foundation (USA) Law and Social Sciences Program;British Section of the International Commission of Jurists; Erickson Institute, Chicago, Illinois; Home Office Working Party on Children's Evidence; Lord Chancellor's Department Working Party on Therapy for Child Witnesses in Legal Proceedings; Home Office Working Party on Achieving Best Evidence.

Professional Involvement

  • Chair: Division of Criminological and Legal Psychology, 1992-95.
  • Chair: Society for Applied Research on Memory and Cognition, 1998-99
  • President: European Association of Law and Psychology, 2003-06.

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