Dr Elizabeth Abbey SFHEA

Teaching Fellow


Maratos,-Elizabeth-J.-(Dr.).png Research group: Cognitive Neuroscience
Email: ejm31@le.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)116 294 4884
Centre for Medicine
University of Leicester

Personal Details

  • PhD UCL 2001
  • Academic group : Education and Learning Forum (ELF), UoL
  • Senor Fellow of the Higher Education Authority


Professional Activities

  • Academic Enhancement (including Innovation and Technology in Pedagogy; Transition to Higher Education)
  • Academic Writing/Editing/Reviewing; Academic consultancy
  • Widening Participation & Public Engagement



I teach in the field of Translational Affective Cognitive Neuroscience and undertake associated pastoral and academic related duties as a personal tutor.  I have a keen in interest in developing pedagogic strategy.


Recent Conference Presentation/Proceedings

Maratos, E.J., (2017). Implications of undergraduate student debt for pedagogy: review. Speaker presentation at Discovering Teaching Excellence at Leicester Conference and Exhibition, 4th – 5th July 2017.

Maratos, E.J., (2017). Enhancing our teaching practice. Keynote Speaker presentation at UoL Education and Learning Forum (ELF) Away Day Conference. 29th June, 2017

Maratos, E.J., Webb, T. and Tazzyman, S., (2016). Addressing gender imbalance in adult education, training and careers: analysis of attitudes in UK school students to studying psychology. Peer-reviewed Paper in 45th Annual SCUTREA Conference Proceedings, 5th – 8th July 2016, Leicester, UK.

Maratos, E.J., Tazzymann S. and Webb, T. (2016). Addressing Gender Imbalance in Adult Education, Training and Careers: Analysis of Attitudes in School Children to Psychology. Speaker presentation at the meeting of Scutrea  'Adult Education in Austere Times' . 6th July, 2016.

Maratos, E.J., Green, R., Kirby, M., Lantz, L., Ryder, H., Webb, T and Tazzyman, S. (2016). Studying Psychology as a Science at Degree Level: Managing Expectations and Bridging the Gap between School and University. In UoL Discover: the Learning and Teaching Conference Exhibition proceedings, 29th June 2016, Leicester UK.

Maratos, E.J., Cooling, W., Frosch, C., Walas, A., Webb, T., and Tazzyman, S., (2016). Addressing Gender Imbalance in Undergraduate Psychology: A Widening Participation Quality Assurance Project Investigating Attitudes to the Study of Psychology. In UoL Discover: the Learning and Teaching Conference Exhibition proceedings, 29th June 2016, Leicester UK.

Maratos, E.J., (2016). From runes to rubrics - in situ electronic marking of oral presentations and AV feedback; exploring the innovation of assessment, feedback and moderation through enhanced technology use. Speaker presentation at the Learning and Teaching College Away Day, 13th May 2016


Example Publications *citatations

Maratos, E.J., and Rugg, M.D., (2001). Electrophysiological correlates of the retrieval of emotional and non-emotional context. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 13 (7), 877-91. *114

Maratos, E.J., Dolan, R.J., Morris, JS, Henson, R, Rugg, M.D., (2001). Neural activity associated with episodic memory for emotional context. Neuropsychologia, 910(1), 910-920. *334

Maratos, E.J., Allan, K., & Rugg, M.D. (2000). Recognition memory for emotionally negative and neutral words: an ERP Study. Neuropsychologia, 38(11), 1452-1465. *216

Broks, P., Young, A.W., Maratos, E.J., Coffey, P.J., Calder, A.J., Isaac, C.L., Mayes, A.R., Hodges, J.R., Montaldi, D., Cezayirli, E., Roberts, N., Hadley, D. (1998). Face Processing Impairments after Encephalitis: amygdala damage and recognition of fear. Neuropsychologia, 63 (1):59-70. *425

Example Funding

2017. Teaching Enhancement Project Fund. UoL. £2650 awarded to Brand (PI), Swan, Ebrey, Pinto, Varela-Rey & Maratos (Senior author).  The Effect of Reflect on Student Achievement and Engagement.

2016. Widening Participation Fund. UoL. £1500 Awarded to Maratos, E.J., Webb, T. and Tazzyman, S., Addressing the Male Minority in Undergraduate Psychology. UoL, 2016. 1.5k

2010. Research Inspired Curriculum Fund. UoD. £3865? Awarded to Maratos et al., Informing Curriculum Development and Biopsychology Teaching through Translational Affective Cognitive Neuroscience practice and electrophysiological methodology. UoD, 2010.


Example Media

Maratos, E.J., (2014). Zapping the brain with tiny magnetic pulses improves memory. The Conversation.

Maratos, E.J., (2009). The Psychology of Losing in the Context of Emotion, Guest Speaker, BBC Radio Interview, Aleena Naylor Show BBC Radio Derby.


Post-doc  2001-2002

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience & Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging (FIL). Blair, K. S., Morton, J., Maratos, E. J., Henson, R. N., Blair, R. J. R., & Frith, C. Networking among numbers: An fMRI study involving the number-Stroop.

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience & Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging (FIL). Blair, R. J. R., Maratos, E. J., Berthoz, S., Glaser, D. & Dolan, R. Impact of diazepam on the neural response to angry and fearful facial expressions.

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience. Maratos, E.J., & Blair J. Morality in the Psychopathic offender: Attitudes to legal and illegal behaviours as indexed by the Morality Implicit Association Test.

Institution of Cognitive Neuroscience. Maratos, E.J. and Blair, J. Regulation of affect in Psychopathy: An investigation using the Implicit Association Task and SCR

Blair,R.J.R., Curran,H.V., Maratos,E., Berthoz S., Morris,J., Dolan,R.J., Mitchell,R.D., (2002). A selective effect of diazepam on the neural response to angry, as opposed to fearful, expressions using event related fMRI. Proceedings Cognitive Neuroscience Society, USA

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