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Teaching Fellow


Maratos,-Elizabeth-J.-(Dr.).png Research group: Cognitive Neuroscience
Email: ejm31@le.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)116 294 4884
Centre for Medicine
University of Leicester

Research Interests and Techniques

Current research interests are pedagogic and include projects examining i) transition between school and UG level study (expectations and learning styles) ii) gender inequality in the Psychology degrees/careers.

Previous research interests have involved understanding the neural mechanisms underlying retrieval of emotional information through a cognitive neuroscience approach. Research methodology has included fMRI, ERP and neuropsychological investigation. Neural correlates of emotional episodic memory have been investigated in a series of neuroimaging experiments (ERP, fMRI) through the comparison of memory effects elicited during retrieval of emotional relative to neutral information. Additional cognitive neuropsychological focus has included understanding the dysfunction of emotion-mediated systems i) following encephalitis and ii) in psychopathy. I am also interested in how an interdisciplinary conjunction of approaches (forensic, clinical and cognitive neuroscience) can aid our understanding of emotional memory (dys)function in i) psychological illness and ii) eyewitness testimony.

Research Group and Funding

Cognitive Neuroscience


Maratos, E.J., and Rugg, M.D., (2001). Electrophysiological correlates of the retrieval of emotional and non-emotional context. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 13 (7), 877-91.

Maratos, E.J., Dolan, R.J., Morris, JS, Henson, R, Rugg, M.D., (2001). Neural activity associated with episodic memory for emotional context. Neuropsychologia, 910(1), 910-920.

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Manuscripts and/or Conference Proceedings

Maratos, E.J., Webb, T. and Tazzyman, S., (2016). Addressing gender imbalance in adult education, training and careers: analysis of attitudes in UK school students to studying psychology. In 45th Annual SCUTREA Conference Proceedings, 5th - 87h July 2016, Leicester, UK.

Maratos, E.J., Green, R., Kirby, M., Lantz, L., Ryder, H., Webb, T and Tazzyman, S. (2016). "Studying Psychology as a Science at Degree Level: Managing Expectations and Bridging the Gap between School and University." In UoL Discover: the Learning and Teaching Conference Exhibition proceedings, 29th June 2016, Leicester UK.

Maratos, E.J., Cooling, W., Frosch, C., Walas, A., Webb, T., and Tazzyman, S., (2016). "Addressing Gender Imbalance in Undergraduate Psychology: A Widening Participation Quality Assurance Project Investigating Attitudes to the Study of Psychology" In UoL Discover: the Learning and Teaching Conference Exhibition proceedings, 29th June 2016, Leicester UK.

Blair, K. S., Morton, J., Maratos, E. J., Henson, R. N., Blair, R. J. R., & Frith, C. (2006b Unpublished data). Networking among numbers: An fMRI study involving the number-Stroop  (cited in Blair, K. S.; Newman, C.; Mitchell, D. G. V.; Richell, R. A.; Leonard, A.; Morton, J.; Blair, R. J. R.  Differentiating among prefrontal substrates in psychopathy: Neuropsychological test findings. Neuropsychology, 20(2), Mar 2006, 153-165.)

Blair, R. J. R., Maratos, E. J., Berthoz, S., Glaser, D. & Dolan, R. (2003 Unpublished data). Impact of diazpem on the neural response to angry and fearful facial expressions (cited in Blair,R.J.R. Facial expressions, their communicatory functions and neuro-cognitive substrates. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of B-Biological Sciences, 358 (1431),  561-572 ).

Maratos & Blair (2002 Unpublished data) Morality in the Psychopathic offender: Attitudes to legal and illegal behaviours as indexed by the Morality Implicit Association Test (uncited)

Blair,R.J.R., Curran,H.V., Maratos,E., Berthoz S., Morris,J., Dolan,R.J., Mitchell,R.D., (2002). A selective effect of diazepam on the neural response to angry, as opposed to fearful, expressions using event related fMRI. Proceedings Cognitive Neuroscience Society, USA


Teaching Activities

I am module coordinator (MC) for PS1016 Psychology skills module and additionally involved in teaching on the following modules:-

PS1001 Psychology Practical 1

PS1009 Applied Psychology 1A

PS2005 PS2015 Abnormal and Individual Differences

PS2020 Cognitive Neuroscience Library Module

PS3002 Brain and Cognition

PS3007 Legal Psychology

PS3019 Cognitive and Clinical Neuropsychology

PS3030 Psychology Dissertation

PS3015 Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience Dissertation

I undertake associated pastoral and academic related duties as a personal tutor; am involved in post-graduate teaching and I have a keen in interest in developing technological pedagogic strategy especially with respect to learning and memory in a blended learning environment.

Professional Activities

Academic Enhancement (including Innovation and Technology in Pedagogy; Academic Writing/Editing/Reviewing; Widening Participation)

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