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I am interested in theoretical and applied issues in human perception and cognition. I use a variety of techniques to investigate the way the brain integrates and selects sensory information in different tasks and situations. My current projects include a comparison of serial and parallel models of the dual-target cost in visual search and a study investigating interactions between auditory working memory capacity and selective attention in tinnitus. Other projects investigate:

  • Auditory recognition memory and selective attention in schizophrenia
  • Interactions between selective attention and visual working memory in search
  • Cue combination in visual working memory
  • Multi-sensory interactions during visual search in real and virtual environments

I am a member of the Department's Sensory Processing group and the School of Psychology's Vision and Language group.


Peer-reviewed articles

Barrett, D.J.K., & Zobay, O. (2019). Concurrent evaluation of independently cue targets during perceptual decisions and saccadic targeting in visual search. Attention, Perception and Psychophysics, (online), doi 10.3758/s13414-019-01854-w

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Conference proceedings

Barrett, D.J.K.,& Pilling, M. Temporal and spatial characteristics of dynamic visual search in periodically masked displays. European Society of Cognitive Psychology Annual Meeting, Postdam (2017).

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Sponsors and collaborators

2014, Action on Hearing Loss, a project entitled; "Changes in auditory selective attention and working memory as an index of functional hearing impairment in tinnitus."

2010, Medical Research Council, a project entitled; "Interactions between multimodal integration and multimodal selective attention" (with Katrin Krumbholz at the Medical Research Council’s Institute of Hearing Research).

2009, Nuffield Science Foundation, a project entitled; “Assessing the locus of cross-modal selective attention: independent or superadditive effects?”

2008, Nuffield Science Foundation, a project entitled; “Bottom-up and Top-down Attentional Bias in Object Recognition.”

2006, Deafness UK, a project entitled “Selective attention to auditory spatial and non-spatial attributes” (with Dr Deb Hall, Jo Archer and Mark Edmonson-Jones at the Medical Research Council’s Institute of Hearing Research).

2003-06, Medical Research Council, a project entitled “Multi-modal deficits in patients with visual hemispatial neglect” (with Dr Deb Hall at the Medical Research Council’s Institute of Hearing Research).

2003-06, Medical Research Council, a project entitled “Response properties for what and where in human non-primary auditory cortex” (with Dr Deb Hall at the Medical Research Council’s Institute of Hearing Research).

2002-03, US Transport Security Administration, a project entitled “Visual search in complex displays” (with Dr Nick Donnelly and Dr Tammy Menneer at the Visual Cognition Unit, The University of Southampton and Dr Kyle Cave at The Psychology Department, Massachusetts, Amherst).

External academic and professional activity

I have reviewed a number of articles for the Journal of Experimental Psychology, Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, the European Journal of Neuroscience and PLoS One.


I would be interested in supervising any projects investigating aspects of selective attention and performance. This includes uni- and multi-modal (visual and auditory) attention, and the way selective mechanisms mediate behaviour in different tasks and environments (e.g. in response to changes in the physical environment and the cognitive demands made by the task). I would also be interested in experimental investigations of behavioural and cognitive performance in different clinical populations (e.g., ADHD and Schizophrenia) or among individuals in response to challenging situations such as those experienced by military pilots.

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