BBC4: The Joy of Winning, 28 August 2018, 21:00. Dr Hannah Fry discusses how to have a happier life and a better world all thanks to maths. Andrew Colman in credited as a consultant for the programme. View a trailer here. [59 minutes]

Sky 1 TV: Duck Quacks Don’t Echo, 12 October 2017, 20:00, Series 6, Episode 7, “Winning a game makes people more likely to cheat the next time", presented by Victoria Coren Mitchell, Rob Beckett, and Melanie C. Andrew Colman interviewed briefly from 1'52". [6 minutes]

Press release video: "Similarity Discrimination", 18 April 2012. Andrew Colman and Briony Pulford. [3 minutes 40 secs]

BBC TV, Rough Justice - "Murder in Mind", BBC1, 01 April 1993, 21:30. Andrew Colman interviewed at 14'45", 17'02", and 19'02". [36 minutes]

Channel Four, Right To Reply: "Satanic Abuse" ­ – Brian Hayes interviews Beatrix Campbell and Andrew Colman, 6 Oct 1990, 18:30–19:00.
Andrew Colman from 3’40" [15 minutes]

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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Television Services, 1966, "God's Country", Presenter Stanley Burke, first broadcast 27 September 1966. Extract from 30' programme. Andrew Colman interviewed from 2'26" [5 minutes 24 seconds]


Voice of Islam radio, interview with Andrew Colman about trust, 04 November 2019 1735-17:50.

pulse-project: “Game Theory”, Andrew Colman gives a podcast expert explanation of game theory and its applications, 22 March 2014. [4 minutes 45 seconds]

CapeTalk radio - The John Maytham Show, "The Bystander Effect", Andrew Colman interviewed by John Maytham about teachers who stood by and watched a schoolboy killing, 01 November 2013, 14:04. [8 minutes 57 seconds]

BBC World Service, The Why Factor: “the Mob” – 02 Feb 2013 4:32–04:50; 04 Feb 2013 11:32–11.50. Mike Williams interviews five people about crowd behaviour. Andrew Colman from 05’02”, 06’09”, 09’12”, and 15’20” [18 minutes]

WAMC Northeast Public Radio NY: The Academic Minute – "Natural selection and cooperation", 20 June 2012. [2 minutes 40 seconds]

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BBC Radio 4 - All in the Mind, 18 January 1990, interview with Andrew Colman about "Evidence in a Murder Trial in South Africa", 11:30, repeated 19 January 1990, 19:45. [11 minutes]



How to Win a Poker: Cheltenham Science Festival (2016)

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"Scots Are Voting on the Wrong Question"  Bloomberg News (2014)

“Should Scotland remain part of the United Kingdom”  (2014)

"Game theory" (interview in Thinking in Practice) (2012)

"Creationism in schools" (2011)



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