Andrew M. Colman

Professor of Psychology

Professor Andrew Colman

Personal details

  • BA (Combined Studies)
  • BA (Hons, Psychology)
  • MA (Cape Town)
  • PhD (Rhodes)
  • FBPsS
  • CPsychol
  • FHEA

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Selected recent publications

Pulford, B. D., Colman, A. M., Lawrence, C. L., & Krockow, E. M. (2017). Reasons for cooperating in repeated interactions: Social value orientations, fuzzy traces, reciprocity, and activity bias. Decision, 4(2), 102-122. doi:10.1037/dec0000057

Krockow, E. M., Colman, A. M., & Pulford, B. D. (2016). Cooperation in repeated interactions: A systematic review of Centipede game experiments, 1992–2016. European Review of Social Psychology, 27(1), 231–282. doi:10.1080/10463283.2016.1249640

Rapoport, A., Seale, D. A., & Colman, A. M. (2015). Is tit-for-tat the answer? On the conclusions drawn from Axelrod’s tournaments. PLOS ONE, 10(7), 1-11, e0134128. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0134128

Colman, A. M., Pulford, B. D., & Lawrence, C. L. (2014). Explaining strategic coordination: Cognitive hierarchy theory, strong Stackelberg reasoning, and team reasoning. Decision, 1, 35-58. doi:10.1037/dec0000001

Gold, N., Colman, A. M., & Pulford, B. D. (2014). Cultural differences in responses to real-life and hypothetical trolley problems. Judgment and Decision Making, 9, 65–76.

Colman, A. M., Browning, L., & Pulford, B. D. (2012). Spontaneous similarity discrimination in the evolution of cooperation. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 299, 162-171. doi:10.1016/j.jtbi.2011.05.022

Colman, A. M., Körner, T. W., Musy, O., & Tazdaït, T. (2011). Mutual support in games: Some properties of Berge equilibria. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 55, 166–175. doi:10.1016/

Recent funding

2017-18: £205,263 (£246,678 FEC) awarded by the ESRC to Tarrant, C., Colman, A. M., Chattoe-Brown, E., Jenkins, D., Perera, N., & Mehtar, S. to study “Antimicrobial resistance as a social dilemma: Implications for developing interventions to reduce the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics for acute medical patients in hospital settings internationally”

2016–18: £26,039 (£134,293 FEC) awarded by the Leicester JDM Endowment Fund to Pulford, B. D., Colman, A. M., & Frosch, C. A. to study “Comparisons, Confidence, and Causality in Decision Making”

2011–16: £100,000 (247,822 FEC) awarded by the Leicester JDM Endowment Fund to B. D. Pulford & A. M. Colman to study “Coordination, Judgment, and Decision Making”

2010–12: £125,151 (£151,217 FEC) awarded by the AHRC to N. Gold, A. M. Colman, & B. D. Pulford for a study of “Framing Effects in Ethical Dilemmas”

2009–10: £7,272 awarded by the Nuffield Foundation to A. M. Colman & B. D. Pulford for a study of “Evolution of Cooperation Through Similarity Recognition”. For earlier grants, use the panel on the left.

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Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing




I am interested in judgment and decision making in general, especially

  • game theory
  • experimental games
  • cooperative reasoning

I am also interested in the evolution of cooperation and psychometrics.

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